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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: So How Exactly Is Beth the ‘Bigger Bear’?

by Jennifer Shea
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In “Yellowstone” Season 4, we saw a showdown between Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Bob Schwartz (Michael Nouri) over the land that Beth bought up while she was working for Schwartz & Meyer. It looks like Beth inserted a clause into the fine print to give herself majority ownership of the land should things go sideways with her employer.

After things did indeed go sideways, Beth met with Schwartz and tried to shame him for ditching her when she needed him. When that didn’t work, things got a bit unpleasant. Schwartz admonished Beth not to pick a fight with the bigger bear. At which point Beth dropped the news on him that he only co-owns the land the company bought up.

Beth leaned in toward Schwartz’s face. “I am the bigger bear,” she informed him.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate How Beth is the ‘Bigger Bear’

That scene left some “Yellowstone” fans confused, but luckily for them, their fellow Reddit commenters rode to the rescue.

“What did she do during purchase of the lands?” one fan asked. “It’s a large firm no [one] can go through the contracts? Means that she also the owner of those lands?”

“She did something in the fine print that made her the majority owner of the land,” another fan replied. “How exactly she did it and what percentage she owns has yet to be revealed.”

“I suspect she put in a reversion clause,” yet another fan explained. “If Beth is terminated, half ownership of the land reverts to Beth Dutton.”

Another fan pointed out that this move showcases Beth’s notion of loyalty. She trusts no one (in this case, wisely so). But would the fine print have become an issue if she hadn’t parted ways with Schwartz & Meyer? Beth fans think not. She wasn’t trying to screw Schwartz over; she was just protecting herself in case he decided to backstab her.

Season 4 Gives Reilly the Opportunity to Shine

Meanwhile, from her scenes with Rip (Cole Hauser) and Carter (Finn Little) – including an epic fight in a local department store – to her showdown with Schwartz, Season 4 of “Yellowstone” is giving Reilly plenty of chances to shine.

In a recent interview with Men’s Health, Reilly discussed her creative approach to series co-creator Taylor Sheridan’s scripts. She said that while she tries different takes on any given scene, ultimately, the version where she plays Beth “full pelt” is the one that works best.

“Honestly, and I know actors say this all the time, it is a feast for me,” Reilly said of her character. “It’s such an honor to be able to get closer to the edge of things when Beth gets to the point where you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s a bit too much.’ ‘Oh, should I just stop on that a little bit?’ That’s when I’m in the sweet spot of where Beth exists. If I step off it, then that’s not true to who it is.”

“I can do several different takes where I can soften something, or I can really go full pelt at something to give them options in the edit. Ultimately, they always pick the harder version, the tougher version, the more explicit,” she added.

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