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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Star Pays Tribute to Kevin Costner After Their Character’s Death

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone Season 4 has featured some big deaths so far. They might not be the ones we were expecting, but they’ve come nonetheless.

One death, however, was one fans took gladly. Such is the case for Brad Carter’s Checkers. He’s the “party planner” who brought together the militia that nearly took down the Duttons.

Checkers was a weasel of a man fans were meant to hate with a passion. But behind every performance is an actor, and Brad Carter is showing himself to be the opposite of his Yellowstone bum. And as he begins his tribute, “Spoiler Alert: Don’t read if you aren’t caught up on Yellowstone!”

“This is the look you give one of your childhood heroes shortly before you have a one-on-one shootout with him,” Carter begins in his latest Instagram post. The actor speaks of Kevin Costner, with whom he was able to film one of the show’s most memorable deaths.

“Not in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine that I would be so lucky as to do the things I have gotten to do, or meet the people I have gotten to meet over the past 20 years in this career,” he continues. “This particular one will always be close to my heart though… Because in all the ways I have “died” (and there’ve been plenty), to die by his hands is about as good as it gets or will ever get for me in front of a camera.”

‘Yellowstone’: Checkers Actor Brad Carter Performed His ‘Train Station’ Fall

But for Brad Carter, a character actor who’s been in the game for two decades, being able to “sit, talk, listen to his music, and absorb his sound advice behind the camera” with Costner has been the treat of a lifetime. “Well that is a different kind of thing for me,” he says. “Those are the moments I will cherish most and keep to myself.”

Perhaps the most revealing part of his post, however, is Carter’s confirmation that “Yes that’s me falling off that ravine, and yes it was very REAL,” he says of Checker’s last moments on screen. “The train station ain’t no joke, I got the neck-ache to remind me…”

In the end, Yellowstone fans got a whole lot more screen time with Carter’s Checkers than anticipated. He may be gone, but his Season 4 presence led to the next man on John Dutton’s hit list: the convict played by actor Bruno Amato.

Season 4 will tell us a whole lot more about how this hierarchy of assassins plays out. For now, however, we’re in the same boat as John Dutton himself. Costner’s patriarch has “no idea who these men are.” And neither do we. But oh, is the suspense killing Outsiders.