‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Theories: Did Malcolm Beck Really Die?

by Halle Ames

Are we sure we have seen the last of the “Yellowstone” season two villain, Malcolm Beck? Some fans think not. Let’s break it down.

We have a few theories about who is responsible for the attacks on the Dutton family in the last few minutes of season three of “Yellowstone.”

Our List of Suspects for “Yellowstone” Season 3 Attacks

Yes, Jamie is a wild card with his loyalty, but would he try to murder the family that raised him? Doubtful, but maybe.

Thomas Rainwater is also up in the air due to his butting beliefs with the Duttons since episode one. However, we don’t think he has the heart for it. He and Mo seem like a ‘death isn’t the answer’ type of people. On the other hand, they have a new ally with Angela Blue Thunder. She gives us major cut-throat vibes.

Maybe it was Roarke and Market Equities. That is a strong possibility. The duo had major beef with the Dutton family after Beth outsmarted them for a while, making them spend loads of money for their beloved airport. Market Equities even offered Beth a job, which she quickly and outspokenly turned down in typical Beth fashion.

Now, we would like to offer another suspect to the list of potential “Yellowstone” season three suspects. Malcolm Beck.

Yes, we are aware he was shot in season two. However, we didn’t see him actually die like we saw his unfortunate brother while on the porcelain throne.

Could he have survived? Getting healthy while plotting the perfect time to get his revenge? The Beck brothers already tried to kill Beth once in season two, where Rip came and heroically saved the day.

Fans Break it Down

Fans online feel as though we haven’t seen the last of the bolo tie-wearing Beck brother.

One Reddit user even broke down how they think things unfolded.

“Malcolm isn’t really dead. We didn’t see him take his last breath. Under the direction of Malcolm himself, he and the militia make it look like he died. And the attack is their revenge on John and Kayce. John was expected at the ranch. His attackers just happened to come across him before the ranch. If they got to the ranch, who knows who they would have also killed.”

Although the idea isn’t very far fetched given the plot twists we have seen thus far from “Yellowstone,” we don’t believe Malcolm Beck will be showing his face again. At least not a living face. But, hey, we have been wrong before.