‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Trailer Sends Fans into a Frenzy with New Release Date

by John Jamison

The day fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. “Yellowstone” Season 4 has a hard premiere date of November 7, 2021. And needless to say, the show’s faithful and patient following has plenty of thoughts on the matter. Mostly those of uncontained excitement.

While the November time frame is far from ideal for those who anticipated a Summer release, having an actual date to mark on the calendar is a huge relief. Take it from the Twitter users, they can hardly contain themselves after watching the Season 4 trailer.

“It’s about freaking time!!!!!! I’ve never wished for Winter to hurry up and get here.But this Texas Girl is ready for some Yellowstone!” and “Yellowstone” is what that Twitter-using Texas girl is going to get.

“Incredible News !!! Can’t contain my excitement or anticipation for this day to arrive !!! I can only imagine the hell & fury that Rip will unleash seeking revenge !!! Hurry up Nov 7 & get here already !!!” a particularly eager fan added.

“Alright alright alright!!! Abt time. Can not wait. With that being said. I wonder now if the next season will start late also. I saw a interview with Taylor that said 6 seasons was as far as it was going,” another Twitter user replied, borrowing some Season 5 trouble already.

And for those who aren’t as pleased with “Yellowstone” for making them wait so long, well, the show kept them in mind as well. Not only was the release date announced, but the show also confirmed that November 7 would see a back-to-back two-episode release to kick off the new season.

Further, Paramount + has even more to offer “Yellowstone” fans. The streaming service will serve as the platform for the premiere of two other Taylor Sheridan shows in the weeks and months following.

The Fall and Winter Belong to Taylor Sheridan And ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4

With “Yellowstone” Season 4 coming November 7, Paramount + is debuting the new Sheridan show “Mayor of Kingstown” the following week. That’s exciting enough in itself, but fans are also going to be blown away by the other major revelation from the “Yellowstone” universe.

1883,” the 19th century set prequel to the hit show, is coming in mid-December. It boasts a rockstar cast to include the likes of screen icon Sam Elliot and country sweethearts Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The lineup of shows is very intentional and has everyone involved poised to make major headway in the streaming space through the Winter.

“These new series will debut on Paramount+ and have special premiere day sneak episodes behind Yellowstone introducing this huge audience to these new stories, allowing us to leverage our linear platforms to fuel the growth of Paramount+ which will stream each series exclusively after episode two,” said Chris McCarthy of MTV Entertainment, as reported by Deadline.