‘Yellowstone’: Does Season 4 Trailer Include a Rip Wheeler ‘Impostor?’

by Jon D. B.

“The guy on the left is not Rip.” Is there an impostor playing assassin in the Yellowstone Season 4 trailer? Fans certainly think they’ve spotted one.

As Yellowstone‘s Labor Day Marathon airs, one passionate fan is re-watching the Season 4 trailer intently. Providing intricate details, she believes the Rip Wheeler we see in one crucial clip isn’t Cole Hauser’s fan-favorite character at all. Do we have an impostor on our hands? Will someone be looking to frame Rip for a crime in Season 4? Let’s take a look.

In the latest gripping Yellowstone trailer, we see Rip moving in for the kill at the 1-minute mark. Here, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it clip features John Dutton’s right-hand man pointing his firearm directly at… Someone. But is it actually the Rip Wheeler? At first, I was reluctant to go along with this fan’s theory at all. After watching the scene and freeze-framing it, however, there absolutely may be something to it.

Below, we’ve got the Season 4 trailer ready to play right before the clip for you. Give the scene a re-watch and quick pause to see for yourself:

Are you ready for this? The countdown continues. The highly-anticipated season 4 of Yellowstone will premiere on November 7, 2021, with a special two-hour event, exclusively on Paramount Network.

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Upon a closer look, the facial features don’t seem to match up for Cole Hauser’s Rip. The sharpness of his nose and laugh lines look off. In addition, his beard looks far darker and more heavily lined than we’re used to. All in all, it looks as if effort has gone into making a far sharper, more-angled looking Rip for this scene. Which begs the question: Is this actually Rip? Or, as one Redditor says, an “impostor”?

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Will Rip Wheeler Be Framed for Murder?

“Look at these two pictures, I don’t think the one from the trailer is Rip,” fan WifeMomOsi posts to Reddit’s Yellowstone board on Labor Day.

“If you look closely at the two pictures, the one from the trailer is not Rip,” she says. View her freeze-frame and comparison here for yourself.

The Redditor seems to have noticed the same differences noted above, citing that “The beard is too dark, too full, and the edges are way too defined. If you look at his cheek area, the lines from the nose on the “impostor” are different than on who we know for sure is Rip,” she continues.

In addition, “Rip’s lines go down towards his mouth, the impostor’s is curved around the cheek bone,” she says. “I think it’s someone who is meant to look like Rip, so he is blamed for something.”

This is entirely possible. Far more surprising events have taken place on Yellowstone so far. it is important to note, however, that lighting can go a long way in adding the same angles and shadows to a person’s face – making them look quite different. intense lighting will do the same to facial hair, making it appear far fuller with the addition of harsh shadows.

What say you, fellow Yellowstone fans? Are we in store for a Rip Wheeler “impostor” come Season 4? Or is this simply a case of the Rip we know and love looking extra-dangerous amidst an intense scene?