‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: What Exactly Is Market Equities Planning?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

With only three more episodes remaining in its fourth season, there are plenty of questions that “Yellowstone” must answer.

One such question for “Yellowstone” is just what in the world is going on with Market Equities. The company was introduced as a primary antagonist in the third “Yellowstone” season.

The group was headed up by henchman Roarke Morris and CEO Willa Hayes when we first meet them. Morris had an unfortunate encounter with Rip Wheeler and his slithering friend while fly fishing. Hayes has apparently fallen off the face of the earth and has not been seen or heard from this season.

Market Equities sent their head honcho, the intimidating Caroline Weaver, to finish what Morris and Hayes couldn’t to start Season 4. Full of confidence and vile, Weaver is a force that the Dutton family must reckon with. She is able to coax Beth Dutton to join her team in a big-time power play. We will hopefully see how Beth responds to Warner’s tactics in the coming “Yellowstone” future.

What exactly is Market Equities up to? That is a question on the minds of a lot of “Yellowstone” fans. We know that they deeply covet the property that “Yellowstone” Ranch sits on. They plan to build an airport and tourism destination in the location. Last season, they offered John Dutton half a billion dollars for the land. But, fans think there could be more to the Market Equities plot than we currently know. Do they have a sinister plan? It’s the discussion of a recent Reddit thread.

“I am now caught up and a bit confused by Market Equities,” a Redditor says. “It set up for them to behind the attacks on the Dutton family but instead it is Jamie’s father? What happens to the Market Equity angle?”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Market Equities Intentions

In the last episode, we see that Market Equities still has its sights set on the Dutton property. This comes as news to Beth Dutton as she is surprised when the ownership plat is revealed. It seems “Yellowstone” Ranch is a big part of the Market Equities plan. What will be their next ploy in trying to acquire the property?

“Market Equities isn’t blowing people up,” a Redditor points out. “They are taking over everything from a financial perspective. Building an airport and a city. Right now they don’t need to kill anyone because they are an economic juggernaut with no real threat insight.”

It seems the Duttons are counteracting this action by striving for political influence. Should John Dutton win the Montana Governor seat, he would have the power to thwart Market Equities’ plan for a “Yellowstone” takeover.

With just three episodes of season four remaining, “Yellowstone” fans are excited to see how it all plays out. Will Market Equities get their way? Will the Dutton’s political reach overcome their plan?

We can’t wait to find out.