‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: What Is the Finale Run Time?

by Lauren Boisvert

We all waited so long for “Yellowstone” season 4, it’s hard to believe that it’s ending. But, all good things must come to an end, and at least we have an epic finale to look forward to.

So, how long is the finale going to be? If you remember from previous premieres, “Yellowstone” likes to give us movie-length stories. But, is the finale going to be the same?

Currently, we know the runtime to be 96 minutes, which is about 1 hour and 36 minutes. Not as long as the nearly 2 and a half hour season 4 premiere (technically 2 back-to-back episodes), but still a good chunk of time. On average, the episodes range from about 48 to 58 minutes long. “Yellowstone” likes to pack a punch with its premieres and finales, we know, so there’s no telling what could happen in an hour and 36 minutes.

There may be some retaliation for John’s rejection of Beth, but I can’t see her going against her father or hurting him in any way. Something might possibly go down between Rip and Walker, as well, as Beth went to Walker after her fight with John instead of Rip. Hopefully, Beth explains to Rip that she doesn’t want him to see her weaknesses, and they can reconcile this weirdness.

Also, I’m hoping we get details about Kayce’s Vision Quest and what happened there. He’ll probably go to Mo to interpret what he saw, and I’m anticipating flashbacks to his ceremony. All speculation, though, as we won’t know how things will play out until the finale.

‘Yellowstone’ Finale: Fans Debate Who is ‘Safe’

Again, I can’t believe we’re here at the end of “Yellowstone.” For now, anyway. Still, fans are debating who is safe and who may die in the season finale. In a recent Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans posed the question: “What do you think will happen during the finale of Yellowstone Season 4?”

“There is no show without Kevin Costner,” one fan stated. “So John is safe. The entire show is about redemption. For Jamie, It comes down to whether they want to save Jamie or destroy him. Jamie can only be saved as a Dutton if he kills bio dad. That that [sic] will happen at some point. It has to be Jamie. Otherwise, there is no redemption for Jamie.”

Another fan had a prediction about Kayce and what his vision shows him. They wrote, “Kayce’s vision shows him the future of Montana if the development companies are allowed to proceed. He agrees to run for governor in place of John.”

Fans seem to agree that there’s a redemption theme this season, and for basically the entire show. Yet, you can’t redeem everyone, so something bad has to happen to someone to create the drama we know and love. The question is: what and to whom?