‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: What Happened to Angela Blue Thunder?

by Thad Mitchell

Though we all enjoyed the fourth and latest season of the hit show “Yellowstone,” some fans think the absence of one character is puzzling. We first met Angela Blue Thunder in a previous season and it looked like she would become a big part of the show. However, she was not featured in Season 4 at all.

The Native American provided legal counsel and advice to Broken Rock Tribe leader Thomas Rainwater. At one point it looked like Blue Thunder could become a primary adversary to “Yellowstone” Ranch and the Dutton family. With a mind for scheming and ruthless tactics, Blue Thunder tells Rainwater he needs to play dirty against his enemies at the end of season three. She was also instrumental in blocking Market Equities from pushing forward with their airport project, producing an environmental study saying it would be dangerous to local wildlife. Despite the building tension, it appears that we won’t see more of Angela Blue Thunder’s story until subsequent seasons.

Was The Angela Blue Thunder, Broken Rock Reservation Storyline Put on the Backburner?

Angela Blue Thunder was a nonfactor throughout season four. In fact, she didn’t make a single appearance during the season. Furthermore, she wasn’t even mentioned in conversation. It’s as if she fell off of the “Yellowstone” earth. And naturally, “Yellowstone” fans can’t help but wonder what happened to her. The topic of discussion came up in a recent Reddit thread.

“What happened to Angela Blue Thunder?” a fan asks. “Girl didn’t even pop up in conversation this season.” It is a fair question to ask as it certainly seemed like “Yellowstone” was building her up to an antagonist. In response to the thread, one viewer made a sarcastic comment referencing other seemingly abandoned storylines, “She’s in a big storage warehouse with the helicopter, Tate’s horse, and the lug nut kid.”

Sure, some loose ends need tying up yet. But, everyone needs to hold their horses. We still likely have multiple seasons of the show left. Especially considering Taylor Sheridan already knows how the series ends. Lots of time to tie everything up nicely, folks.

And, as fans are well aware, Sheridan devoted much of Season 4 laying the groundwork for spinoffs, “1883” and “6666.” After all, we needed some context for why those are important factors in the greater “Yellowstone” universe.

‘Yellowstone’: The Purpose Behind Angela Blue Thunder’s Absence

Angela Blue Thunder didn’t make a Season 4 appearance, and we can’t help but think that there’s a bigger purpose for that than viewers know at the moment. Perhaps “Yellowstone” writers didn’t feel Blue Thunder was needed for this season. Perhaps the focus on Rainwater and the Broken Rock Tribe shifted from being enemies with the Duttons.

While there is still bad blood, a truce between the tribe and the Duttons is clearly in place. Or at least that’s what Taylor Sheridan wants to lull us all into thinking. Because as we’ve seen, the “Yellowstone” creator does like to bring back around some fan-favorite characters. And not to mention, the guy is extremely loyal to the actors he’s previously worked with.