‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: What’s the Real Reason Lloyd Attacked Walker?

by Thad Mitchell

The boiling feud between “Yellowstone” ranch hands Lloyd and Walker finally spilled over in the series’ most recent episode.

Everyone has assumed the angst between the two men is their love triangle with Laramie. But could there be a deeper meaning?

In a recent episode of “Stories From the Bunkhouse,” “Yellowstone” cast members suggest that Lloyd might think he is helping Rip.

“Maybe Lloyd feels like in his own weird way like, ‘I’m doing a favor to Rip,'” Denim Richards (Colby) says.

Jefferson White (Jimmy) agrees, saying “Exactly, because they both, Rip and Lloyd, hated Walker – and Lloyd is also living with him still.”

The two “Yellowstone” ranch workers have been beefing since late in season three when bed-hopping buckle bunny Laramie left Lloyd high and dry. She hopped on over to Walker and kicked off a romance with the trouble-making, guitar-playing cowboy.

Lloyd is quite clearly miffed that Laramie up and left him without warning — and that’s enough to make any man mad. But making the situation even worse is the fact that Walker rubs his new relationship with Laramie into Lloyd’s face every chance he gets. As Lloyd says to Rip earlier in the season, a man’s pride can only take so much. He and Walker throw hands in an earlier episode but the volcano has just started erupting.

Lloyd takes things much further in the most recent “Yellowstone” episode. He takes Walker’s guitar from him and smashes it into the wall. He then takes out his knife and stabs Walker in the chest. Insisting that the two men “settle their differences” Rip Wheeler puts them in the ranch arena to slug it out. Lloyd emerges as the last man standing only to be pummeled by Rip who also breaks his pal’s hand.

‘Yellowstone’ Battle Between Ranch Hands May Not Be Over

Walker seemingly has nine lives as he’s escaped death more than once through three and a half “Yellowstone” seasons. Rip despises him and has both tried to kill him himself and has also had others try to kill him.

For reasons currently unknown, Kayce Dutton has saved Walker’s life on a couple of different occasions. He intervened when Rip tried to trample him to death on his horse. In a previous season, Kayce is to take Walker to the train station, but once again spares his life.

Now he’s survived another attempt on his life by Lloyd. If “Yellowstone” history tells us anything, it’s that Walker isn’t out of the woods yet. They may have fought it out in the arena, but tempers are still flaring. It wouldn’t be a shock to see the “Yellowstone” cowboys lock horns again.

We’ll find out as season four rolls along. The next new episode is set to debut tomorrow (Sunday) night.