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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Who Told Jamie All the Details of Dutton Attacks?

by Thad Mitchell

We are four episodes into the fourth season of the highly acclaimed series “Yellowstone” and there are plenty of questions surrounding the show.

The first episode of season four answered a big question by revealing that each member of the Dutton family survived the third season attack. Obviously, the big question now is just who in the “Yellowstone” universe is behind the attacks. We will eventually learn the answer to that question at some point in the near future. In the meantime, there are plenty of other “Yellowstone” questions that need answers. Internet forum site, Reddit, is full of “Yellowstone” discussions regarding the major questions surrounding the show.

In a recent Reddit thread, fans want to know just how Jamie Dutton got the details on the attack aftermath. In a conversation with his brother, Kayce Dutton, in the previous episode, it sure seems like he knows exactly how it went down. “Yellowstone” Redditors are asking just how Jamie came across this information seeing how he isn’t in communication with his family. In a thread titled “Jaime brings up details he wasn’t around to see,” fans discuss their theories.

“After the attacks at the ranch Rip arrived after the killings, he asked where all the bodies were and somebody told him that they were in the bed of his truck,” the poster points out. “So how did Jaime know? He wasn’t there. Who would have told him?”

It is a fair question to ask and one that doesn’t seem to have an obvious answer. In his conversation with Kayce, Jamie says he is the reason there was no investigation into the aftermath of the attacks. He reveals intricate details about how the assassins were killed, suggesting he has complete knowledge of the situation.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Question Jamie’s Knowledge of Attacks

In the Reddit thread, some “Yellowstone” fans suggest that Jamie aided the coverup of the attacks.

“I think this is easily explainable,” a Reddit user proclaims. “The sheriff or other authorities informed Jamie, who then swept it under the rug, as he said.”

This makes for an easy and plausible explanation, but other “Yellowstone” viewers aren’t so easily convinced.

“A few of us have already asked this question,” another fan says. “Jamie said the one in the kitchen had been executed, which usually means a headshot. Yep, this is a monumental discrepancy. Jamie shouldn’t have known the details unless someone told him or told someone else who told Jamie. I don’t see that happening at all.”

It appears Jamie’s season four storyline is preparing for take-off. In the latest episode, he discovers his biological father, Garrett Randall, could have something to do with the attacks.

The “Yellowstone” excitement level among it fan base is climbing skyward. We can’t wait to see what the newest episode will bring us this Sunday.