‘Yellowstone’ Fans Were Confused About This Beth-Rip Wedding Scene Moment

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” Season four was full of surprises with twists and turns seemingly around every corner of the Dutton Ranch. Fans of the show were also treated to several special moments throughout the season. One of these special moments came in the season finale when Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton finally tie the knot.

Their marriage ceremony is something that “Yellowstone” fans have been looking forward to for a while. The couple got engaged in an earlier season and fans immediately began to imagine the ultimate “Yellowstone” wedding. It didn’t work out the way anyone thought it would with a last-second thrown-together ceremony. But it was fitting for the volatile pairing as Beth and Rip walk down the aisle in the ranch’s front lawn. John Dutton, Beth’s father, seemed to have the most issue with the spur-of-moment ceremony. But he relented and walked his daughter down the aisle and gave her away to his most trusted companion.

“Yellowstone” fans are still talking about this special moment and likely will be for some time. In a recent Reddit thread, fans discuss the finer points of Beth and Rip’s marriage ceremony. One fan believes they found a tiny detail that is out of place.

“Anyone notice when the priest was asking who the groom was, Beth answered “tall guy, black hat” when Rip and Lloyd are walking down?” the Redditor asks. “But Lloyd was the one that was wearing a black hat. Rip had on a brown hat.”

A good catch by this fan on what might have been a small oversight by “Yellowstone” writers.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Share Thoughts on Season Four Wedding

The unorthodox marriage ceremony was certainly one of many highlights for the fourth “Yellowstone” season. Fans had little fun with the writing oversight regarding the color of hats belonging to Rip and Lloyd.

“But you’d think that Beth knows which color his hat is,” another Reddit user chimes. “So if she says that the hat is black then the hat is black.”

Another “Yellowstone” fan has a more logical thought on the hat situation. “Rip’s hat isn’t brown it’s an old dusty black that looks brown,” the fan says.

The relationship between Rip and Beth has been one of the top storylines through four seasons. Many “Yellowstone” fans erupted in cheers during the couple’s unusual wedding ceremony.

With both Rip and Beth returning for the “Yellowstone” season five, we will see what their future holds. They now have a “son” in Carter who will certainly add to the mix going forward. The three make for a lovely and heartwarming family.