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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Why Is John Dutton Trusting Beth Over Kayce About Jamie?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” are still reeling after this week’s shocking episode and its fallout.

At the center of Sunday’s brand new episode is the ongoing battle between Jamie Dutton and his adopted family. Jamie’s father, John Dutton, pulls the ultimate power move by announcing he will run for governor in Montana. The governor position is one that Jamie covets and he seemed to be an ideal contender. We even see current governor Lynelle Perry telling John that she plans to endorse Jamie for the position. John is having none of it as he is willing to do anything to keep his adopted son from advancing his political career. He shocks Perry by telling her that he would like her endorsement — to which she agrees.

No one is happier with his decision than his spiteful daughter, Beth Dutton. She hates Jamie for an incident that happened decades ago that left her unable to bear children. Beth wants nothing more than to crush Jamie in every way possible. Now, fans are questioning John Dutton’s decision-making skills regarding his family. Is it really Beth he should be listening to? Many “Yellowstone” fans think John should listen to his other, more rational child, Kayce Dutton.

“I thought John was closer to Kayce in terms of opinion on Jamie” a Reddit user notes. “I get that John may not fully trust Jamie, but now he’s buying into the at times irrational and silly hatred towards Jamie like Beth does?”

It certainly seems that John is leaning more on Beth in season four than he has in previous “Yellowstone” seasons. Earlier this season, Beth tells Jamie that she is going to kill him. It appears she is going to toy with him before doing away with him.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Question John Dutton’s Motives

Other “Yellowstone” viewers are also wondering just why Beth has such a stronghold on her father. Many suggest that John should instead turn to Kayce, who is far more impartial than Beth and holds no grudge against Jamie.

“John has never liked Jamie,” another Redditor says. “In the first episode, Jamie says to Beth ‘He’s never looked at me the way he looks at Lee or Kayce.’ This shows it’s been going on for a long time. There’s even a bit in an episode where John is literally staring Jamie in the eye before looking away in disgust.”

With only three more “Yellowstone” episodes to go in season four, there are more questions than answers. Will Jamie mount a campaign and challenge his father for the Montana Governor seat? Will Beth execute her devious plan and destroy her adopted brother? Will Gator figure out what gluten is and what GMO means?

We can’t wait to find out as season four hits the home stretch.