‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Will John Dutton Learn Attackers’ Identity in Tonight’s New Episode?

by Thad Mitchell

A new season of “Yellowstone” is now upon us and season four’s storylines will revolve around one single question.

“Who attacked the Duttons?” is the question on the mind of practically every “Yellowstone” fan.

With a new episode ready to air later tonight (Sunday) we could get closer to earning the identity of the attackers. A new trailer for the third episode was recently released and it appears that we may be getting closer to our answer. Here is a look at the latest fourth season trailer for the third episode — pay special attention to the very end.

“You don’t want to miss this,” the post from the “Yellowstone” social media page proclaims. “An all-new episode of Yellowstone airs tonight at 8/7 CT, only on the Paramount Network.”

The final scene in the trailer is the most interesting one from this vantage point. John Dutton travels out to take a meeting with Broken Rock Tribe leader Thomas Rainwater and his associate, Mo. Rainwater says he has some very interesting information regarding the identity of the faction that attacked John and his family. Rainwater hands Dutton a file that presumably has the identity of the attackers, but he also gives him a warning.

“If I show you — this is your trash to take out,” Rainwater says to John Dutton as Mo looks on.

Obviously, we are unable to see what the file says when Rainwater presents it to Dutton. The trailer does, however, raise all sorts of questions. Why would Thomas Rainwater want to help the Dutton family, his sworn enemies? Is this a ploy by Rainwater to throw the Dutton family off his scent? We hope we get closer to some answer with tonight’s (Sunday) new episode.

‘Yellowstone’ Teases Answers Are Coming With New Trailer

We may or may not learn the identity of the Dutton family attackers in tonight’s episode. But, even just a few clues would make a lot of “Yellowstone” fans very happy.

The trailer teases that tonight’s new episode will make the situation a little more clear. Will it? That remains to be seen.

There are still numerous organizations and individuals that could be behind the third-season attack. John Dutton’s daughter, Beth Dutton is convinced her adopted brother, Jamie Dutton, is behind the attack. John and Kayce seem to think the Montana Militia from season two is the culprit. Many people still believe that Rainwater and his clan are the perpetrators. Market Equities CEO and “Yellowstone” newcomer Caroline Warner also seems like a strong suspect. Garrett Randall, Jamie Dutton’s biological father, is still out there and is a potential culprit.

We simply do not have enough evidence to figure out who is behind the third-season finale attacks. We hope to have at least a better idea after tonight’s brand-new episode.