‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Will Major Character’s Body Ever Be Found?

by Thad Mitchell

The fourth season of the hit Paramount Network series ‘Yellowstone” is off to a very fast start and fans are loving every minute of it.

In the very first episode, we see a main character killed off in a rather unusual way. Roarke Morris, played by veteran actor Josh Hollaway, is enjoying a beautiful day for fly fishing. But Roarke is an enemy of the Dutton family, which means his time on earth is coming to end very soon. Rip Wheeler shows up with a cooler in hand but he isn’t planning on offering Roarke a cold beverage. Instead, he approaches Roarke with a little surprise stashed inside the cooler. It’s a rattlesnake and in one of the coolest scenes of the third season, the snake launches out of the cooler and bites Roarke’s face. Roarke tries to run but the snake’s venom is making its way through his veins. He soon collapses and dies with no one around to help him.

Rip acts as if it’s nothing and that he’s killed numerous people with venomous snakes before. That’s our Rip.

“Yellowstone” fans have questions about the scene centering around the discovery of Roarke’s body. It’s a topic of discussion in a recent Reddit thread.

“Just realized we never heard anything about his body being found,” a fan points out. “Will it be found? Has it been found? Roarke is sort of like the reporter Jamie offed in season two. Both are people whose deaths should raise some level of suspicion and questions given they’re more high-profile people out in the world. Anyway, maybe the Market Equities chairwoman will allude to Roarke’s demise…or maybe his body is on the Beck Brothers’ plane.”

“Yellowstone” fans had plenty to say about this thought.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Sound Off on Finding Roarke Morris’ Body

The general consensus among “Yellowstone” watchers is that it doesn’t really matter if Roarke’s body is found. Even if he is found, he legitimately died from a snake bite and authorities are unlikely to believe foul play is involved.

“Even if they suspect anything, what can they prove,” a Redditor chimes in. “All he got was a snake bite. No sign of foul play. This was actually a well planned out murder for a change. Shocking.”

“Why get bogged down when there’s zero evidence a murder has occurred,” another “Yellowstone” fan says. “He died from snakebite doing something he loved, I doubt people are even suspicious.”

With Roarke Morris now dead and gone, Jacki Weaver’s Caroline Warner is the new Market Equities baddie. We have yet to see Willa Hayes this season but she could still be out there somewhere.

A recent teaser trailer teased the first meeting of Warner and Beth Dutton. That may be a cause for fireworks with tonight’s brand new episode.