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‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Beth Dutton Just Found Out About (SPOILER)’s Baby in Episode 4, and It Almost Costs Her Life

by Jon D. B.
Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton in Yellowstone. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Yellowstone‘s greatest rivalry comes to a head in Season 5, Episode 4 as Beth Dutton finally finds out one of her family’s biggest secrets.

If it’s family drama you’re after, Yellowstone Season 5 is delivering on all fronts. Beth (Kelly Reilly) landed herself in jail by Episode 3’s end, for one, and who comes to her rescue but dear ol’ brother Jamie (Wes Bentley) in the beginning of Episode 4. But her behavior isn’t what causes these two to lose it on one another. No, that honor belongs to the aftermath.

In Episode 4, “Horses in Heaven,” Beth needs a ride from the courthouse, so she and Jamie reluctantly enter his vehicle. And before long, Beth sports the baby car seat in the back seat.

Beth asks Jamie point-blank if he has a baby. And she finally finds out everything about his little boy from his lips.

This, of course, would’ve been a great time for Jamie to say “Oh, that’s for a client,” or, y’know, anything else. But instead, it appears the adopted Dutton is tired of all the lies himself. Lying to Beth doesn’t even cross his mind. Instead, the truth flows out of him, and we see the love that still exists between these two siblings beneath all that rage.

‘You have my womb cut out me, and God gave you a boy?’

“You have my womb cut out me, and God gave you a boy?” Beth seethes as her first reaction. Her emotions take over and she unleashes on Jamie, physically assaulting him. After nearly wrecking the car, Jamie pulls over and the Duttons fling out into the street.

“Taking you to that clinic is the greatest regret of my life!” Jamie shouts to his sister.

“Of all the awful shit you have done in your 45-years on this planet, Jamie, that is really saying something!” Beth replies. But when she looks into his eyes, she sees her brother again. A brother that now has a baby boy. “What… What did you name him?” Beth asks tenderly.

“He’s named after me,” Jamie replies. This, of course, not only reveals the name of Jamie’s son, but sends Beth into another rage, too.

“Of course he is!” Beth screams as she storms off as fed up as ever with Jamie’s selfishness. “Because that’s just what the world f*cking needs is another f*cking you!”

Of course, the audience knows Beth can be every bit as selfish. But this is probably why she hates that quality so much in Jamie.

‘Yellowstone’ Teases the Death of Beth Dutton

“Dad doesn’t know about this, nobody knows about this,” Jamie tells her as she walks away.

“Don’t worry about me telling him,” Beth gasps. “I’m going to take him from you. I’m gonna rob you of fatherhood, Jamie. You don’t deserve it, and he deserves better than you. Next time you see him you can kiss him goodbye, because he’s as good as gone.”

After the shock wares off, the panic sets in, and Jamie sprints back to his vehicle. After a primal scream leaves his body, his own rage takes over, just as they did before he murdered reporter Sarah Nguyen in Season 2. And as Beth walks towards the freeway, his black SUV speeds towards her back. Jamie is cold and emotionless as he speeds towards her, but with an instinctual side-step, Beth skirts death on the highway, and Jamie speeds off.

We’ll have plenty more from Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 4 as it airs exclusively on Paramount Network.