‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Big Storylines to You Need to Prepare For

by Thad Mitchell

The fourth season of “Yellowstone” is now complete and fans of the hit series are already looking toward Season 5.

You wouldn’t expect anything less from “Yellowstone” fans who are among the most loyal to a television show. The possibilities are endless in terms of potential storylines and fans are already counting down the days until next season. The fourth season left us with plenty of questions that will be built upon in the new season.

“Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan said in a recent interview that he is still in the process of writing the fifth season. There are certain to be twists and turns around each corner in season five. Let’s take a look at big fifth season potential storylines and also how they may be incorporated into new episodes.

No better place to start than the intense sibling rivalry held by Jamie and Beth Dutton. We all know the backstory between these two and it’s an incident from the past that makes cold-blooded enemies. But what does the future hold for these quarreling siblings? After blackmailing her brother into killing his biological father, Beth holds all the cards at the moment. This could be the season where Jamie stands up for himself and mounts a counterattack. It’s a safe bet to say we’ve not seen the last of this storyline.

John Dutton is running for the Montana governor seat and appears to be unopposed at the moment. He has less than good intentions for seeking the office as his sole motivation seems to be halting Jamie’s political career. Will an opponent rise and take John Dutton on? Will John stay in the race for Montana Governor?

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Storyline Possibilities Excite Fan Base

The fourth season was one of great change for Kayce, Monica and Tate Dutton. Monica reveals to Kayce and Tate that she is pregnant as their family continues to grow. When Kayce returns from his vision quest, he tells Monica he saw the universe. “Yellowstone” fans hope to get an explanation for that in season five.

Jimmy is another character whose storyline underwent a lot of change in the fourth season. After being kicked off the “Yellowstone” Ranch, Jimmy heads down to Texas where he is to learn how to be a cowboy at the famous Four Sixes Ranch. He does exactly that and picks up a new love interest, Emily, along the way. Jimmy reveals to the bunkhouse crew that he is engaged to Emily. “Yellowstone” would love nothing more than to see a western-style wedding between the two.

Toward the end of season four, Rip Wheeler really begins to take a liking to Carter. How will this unlikely relationship continue to grow in season five?

As you can see, “Yellowstone” fans have a lot to look forward to with season five on the way. Don’t fret “Yellowstone” lovers, the wait will be well worth it.