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‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Can Jamie Redeem Himself?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

We don’t know when we will get a fifth season of “Yellowstone” but it is safe to say fans are already looking forward to it. The fourth season of “Yellowstone” came to a conclusion earlier this month and attention immediately went to the fifth season.

One of the most divisive characters on “Yellowstone” is Jamie Dutton, the adopted son of rancher John Dutton. Season four did not go very well for Jamie as he encountered numerous obstacles. After growing close to his biological father, Garrett Randall, Jamie is forced to kill him by his sister, Beth Dutton. Jamie is caught in the act of trying to dispose of Randall’s body by Beth, who photographs him doing so. Beth and John now have all the leverage they will ever need over Jamie. It will be interesting to see how they use this leverage for their own benefit.

Some “Yellowstone” fans believe Jamie is beyond saving at this point but others believe he can redeem himself. How Jamie would go about doing that is the topic of discussion in a recent Reddit thread.

“As hateable of a character Jamie is, am I the only person that hopes he ends up redeeming himself in the show?” a fan asks. “He is an incredibly flawed and tortured character but I feel like there is good in him and he’s not evil at his core.”

“Yellowstone” fans have plenty to say in the Reddit thread. “I hope he does, otherwise, he’ll just be another character without a story arc,” a Redditor notes.

“Jamie has the potential, if Taylor Sheridan takes advantage of it, to be perhaps the most complex character on the show,” another Reddit user says. “A ton of possibilities for his redemption, not all of which may benefit the Duttons.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Jamie Dutton’s Impact

Jamie, played by veteran actor Wes Bentley, has been with the show since the very first season. His story arc has been one of the most interesting aspects of the show and fans hope that continues.

Jamie has high political aspirations, rising to become Montana’s Attorney General in “Yellowstone” season three. He has his sights set even higher, with an eye on the state’s governor position. The problem is that his political ambitions are often not what his controlling father wants him to do. As a result, they are often at odds on different ends of the political spectrum.

Still, some fans are rooting for Jamie to pull through — even at the expense of his father.

“I kind of hope Jamie gets one over on John,” another fan says. “John treats Jamie like crap with no good real reason. I’m pulling for Jamie to emerge with a victory in the fifth season.

We’ll see how it plays out when “Yellowstone” returns.