‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Cast Details the ‘Hornet’s Nest’ Show Has Become

by Megan Molseed
(Photo Credit: Paramount Network Press)

The popular Paramount + series Yellowstone doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to drama. Nothing is off limits in the neo-western which stars the iconic movie star, Kevin Costner. And, the upcoming season promises the theme will continue as the Dutton family and those wrapped up with the family – good or bad – continue to battle for what they believe is right. The outcome of this becomes very different for nearly every character in the series. This, of course, creates quite a bit of tension among the show’s core characters. Everyone has a plan and most will stop at almost nothing to get what they want. Creating an atmosphere that Costner likens to a “hornet’s nest.”

Yellowstone’s Intensity Started Right Out Of The Gate And Hasn’t Slowed Down Yet, Even Five Seasons Later

During a recent interview, Yellowstone star Kevin Costner notes that the Taylor Sheridan-created series is “like an exposed nerve with everyone.”

“That’s how Yellowstone started,” Costner continues of the wildly popular drama series. “And that’s not stopping.”

Costner sees all of the drama surrounding the multiple characters who are fighting their own fights, often in opposition to other key players as a sort of hornet’s nest. And no one is safe from the consequences of their actions.

“We’ve created a big hornet’s nest,” the Yellowstone star relates.

“And when something happens other things are going to fall,” Costner continues.

The Series Brings Back The Idea Of Western Justice That We Saw Generations Ago

Much of the intensity that Kevin Costner is referring to as he likens the Yellowstone plots to a dangerous hornet’s nest can be summed up by a simple phrase: “western justice,” notes series star, Jefferson White.

“That idea of western justice surfaces immediately,” says White who portrays ranch hand, Jimmy, in the popular series.

Another one of the show’s stars notes that the biggest concern for many of the players is the retaliation of any member of the Dutton family. The Duttons, of course, are the central family in the series which is headed by Costner’s character, John Dutton.

“The retaliation that those who wronged the Dttons are facing is incomparable,” notes actress Jennifer Rachel Landon who portrays Teeter.

Wes Bentley, who portrays the ever-scheming Jamie Dutton, sums up this danger with a simple statement: “Bottom line is if the last name is Dutton you probably can’t trust [them].”

“You can’t be in these situations without there being some severe consequences,” Kevin Costner relates. “That’s the world of Yellowstone.”