‘Yellowstone’ Season 5, Episode 6 Ending Explained: Are Jamie & Sarah Threatening John Dutton’s Life?

by Jon D. B.
Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Talk about an ominous ending. Here’s what that not-so-thinly-veiled threat from Jamie Dutton and Sarah Atwood means for John Dutton in Yellowstone Season 5‘s episodes to come. But first, please be wary of major spoilers for the series ahead.

When we first caught up with Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) in Season 5, Episode 6, he’s waking up in bed next to the one woman we’ve been led to believe is capable of taking down his adoptive father, John Dutton (Kevin Costner). That woman is, of course, Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri), who’s been weaseling her way into Jamie’s heart pants throughout this season. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as Jamie’s own insecurities lead him to question their “relationship.”

Sarah calls him out on it, and an argument breaks out immediately. Within, Sarah asks Jamie yet again why he isn’t governor. But while Jamie may be a fool, he isn’t ignorant. He knows people like Sarah, and knows she has an ulterior motive. Which she does. Soon, Sarah admits to it: Assassinate the character of John Dutton, get Jamie to replace him in as governor, push Market Equities airport through, and do it all through him.

Small plan, right? Well, thanks to some shower sex, Jamie is, ahem, ready to oblige.

The Death of an Old Dutton Friend Throws a Wrench in Sarah Atwood’s Plan… Or Does It?

Yet Sarah’s “ingenious” plan is seemingly thwarted when a local news crew films John Dutton comforting the widow of his old friend, Emmett Walsh (Buck Taylor), who’s just died in his sleep out on the trail. Jamie and Sarah watch the news report, seeing how it all happened during Yellowstone Dutton Ranch’s MEPP. These two naked-as-jaybird lovers watch as John comforts Mrs. Walsh, and they scowl.

It’s important to note that John snubbed a chance to meet the President of the United States on the Broken Rock Reservation in order to see his MEPP/gathering/branding through on his ranch. Which would’ve been a political win for Jamie. Instead, the two Montana news anchors on his television declare his adoptive father, the Governor, was “right where he’s supposed to be” comforting his people.

Public opinion of John Dutton will be impenetrably positive now, or at an all-time-high at the very least. It’s a big win for John, and another huge obstacle for Jamie.

“I swear that man could fall in a pile of cow shit and come up smelling like a rose,” he groans next to Sarah on his couch. “I admit, he’s hard to beat in a fair fight,” he says of his adoptive father, losing confidence once again. Until Sarah chimes in, that is.

“I don’t think we can let him show up to the fight, Jamie,” she replies. And with those words, Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 6 ends on a grim note with damning music swelling in the background.

Did Sarah Atwood just threaten the life of John Dutton? All to the smiles of lover-boy-Jamie?

‘Yellowstone’ Teases Jamie & Sarah Taking Down John Dutton in Season 5

While this sounds like a direct threat against John’s life from Sarah, Yellowstone‘s own tease for their next episode tells us what’s really at play here.

“Sounds like an impeachable offense,” we hear Sarah say to Jamie in a Season 5, Episode 7 scene to come. Unlike the Duttons’ previous enemies, Sarah isn’t stupid enough to try and kill someone to accomplish corporate endgoals. Instead, she’s looking to assassinate John’s character, not the man himself, as she previously stated in Episode 4.

That’s all well and good and expected of a villain in Yellowstone. Instead, the disappointment of it all comes via Jamie, as he continues to veer down a path of self-sabotage. This character is intent on sacrificing the only family he has left in order to pacify his own lust for validation and power. And it wreaks of desperation – just as his sister, Beth (Kelly Reilly) told Jamie it would in Season 3 when Market Equities first came to town.

Will Jamie and Sarah succeed in their nefarious plan to dethrone Governor John Dutton? We’ll find out when Yellowstone returns next Sunday, December 18 for Episode 7, exclusively on Paramount Network.