‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Fans Have a Lot of Thoughts About Young Rip Wheeler

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Paramount Network Press)

The premiere episodes of “Yellowstone” featured a flashback centering on young Rip and Beth, which led to Beth making a teary apology to Rip for the way she treated him as a teenager. The official “Yellowstone” Instagram page recently posted a photo of Kyle Red Silverstein, who plays young Rip, and fans had nothing but praise for the 20-year-old’s portrayal of everyone’s favorite foreman.

“Here for Rip Wheeler in any decade,” the show wrote on Instagram. Emerson Miller, set photographer for Taylor Sheridan’s multiverse, commented, “Damn right.” Additionally, fans flocked to the comments to share support for the young actor.

“Excellent job, young Rip, in getting the Rip mannerisms and traits of the older Rip. Great character,” wrote one fan, while another commented, “They absolutely nailed young Rip, he looks so much like Cole [Hauser].” Another wrote, “You guys post the best pictures of the cast and the beautiful landscape and sky.”

One fan had an interesting suggestion for “Yellowstone,” writing, “I think we need the old 1883 tin type style pics of the Yellowstone characters, [those] were awesome!!”

Another fan wrote, “All the youngsters have grown over this past season into young men and young [lady] aka young Beth..great young actors all Emmy worthy.” True, the cast of young actors has all grown up over the break between seasons. Especially Finn Little, who was almost unrecognizable with how much he’s sprouted like a weed. There was even speculation that he was replaced by an older actor. But, no, that’s still Finn Little, just not so little anymore.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Call for Young John Dutton Spin-Off

There was another flashback at the beginning of “Yellowstone” episode 3, and some fans are now calling for a spin-off show featuring Josh Lucas as young John Dutton. “I am here for a spin-off with Josh Lucas as a young John Dutton! Get on this [‘Yellowstone’],” one fan urged.

Truly, we could get behind a young John Dutton show with Josh Lucas. His mannerisms and entire look are spot-on for John Dutton, considering what we know about John. Lucas does a great job every time there’s a flashback, and one fan noted that his mustache and sideburns are right on point. His vibe is impeccable as John Dutton.

The casting for young John Dutton, young Rip, and young Beth is amazing, and the fans seem to agree. Will there be a young John Dutton spin-off? Maybe, maybe not. Taylor Sheridan does have a lot on his plate at the moment, after all. He could do another prequel series or keep it to flashbacks. What we do know is that we’re loving the flashbacks and the insights we’re getting about these characters.