‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Fans Lay Out Major Predictions for Kayce Dutton and Avery

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Paramount Network Press, Viacom

Has Yellowstone set up a major storyline for Kayce and Avery in Season 5? Fans think so after those big reveals late in Season 4! Here’s why – but be warned of major spoilers for Yellowstone ahead!

Yellowstone fans got to know Avery (Tanaya Beatty) pretty well in Seasons 1-2. Then, without explanation, she was gone. That is, until Season 4 brought her back into the fold – and directly back into Kayce Dutton’s line of sight. With such emphasis placed on Kayce seeing the “end” of his relationship with Monica after his ayahuasca ceremony, however, it’s safe to say that any speculation over Kayce & Avery for Yellowstone Season 5 is beyond valid.

For example, Redditor Always_Confus3d “just finished Season 4, and immediately started to re-watch Season 1. I never really understood what was going on between Kayce and Avery in Season 1 — I guess nothing happened, but after watching S4 and then immediately rewatching s1, I think there could definitely be more to the Kayce and Avery storyline.”

Way back in Season 1, the Redditor continues, “Avery is introduced around the same time Kayce moves into the bunkhouse. They exchange a look when he first enters, and immediately the energy in the room changes. He sneaks a look at her a couple times, and she does the time.”

For her Season 4 return, however, “Avery and Kayce meet again. This time, this ‘energy’ is witnessed by Monica. Eventually, Avery says something to Kayce about ‘love at first sight’. I think the ‘love at first sight’ thing is interesting, considering the look he gave her in season 1. Looking back, that was some major foreshadowing in my opinion.”

There’s Far More to ‘Yellowstone’s Avery Than Some Fans Remember

But as fellow Yellowstone fan swissmtndog398 points out, however, Avery wasn’t just a random bunkhouse rancher. In fact, Kayce has “definitely seen [Avery] naked and gyrating, but so has the entire bunkhouse a she was a stripper at the local club that they all frequented. There’s your look of recognition, which we took to mean, ‘What the hell is a stripper doing in the bunkhouse?’ They explain she’s the new hand.”

Sharp fans will recall that Rip went to the local strip joint in search of new ranch hands back in Season 1. And there was Avery.

Either way, Always_Confus3d adds that “Kayce is extremely loyal and I think it’s pretty safe to say he’d never cheat on Monica. But he does say he saw the end of him and Monica after his ayahuasca ceremony. I don’t think the writers would include this scene if something wasn’t going to happen with Avery/Kayce/Monica in Yellowstone Season 5.”

And he’s not alone. Another Redditor replies that they “Don’t really care for Monica and agree that Kayce is too good a man to cheat. I think it would really tarnish his character. Having said that, I want Kayce & Avery in Yellowstone Season 5!

Is Avery Due a ‘Course-Correction’ Ahead of ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5?

Some fans think Avery was done wrong in Yellowstone Season 4, however. Redditor Double_Watercress_72 says she thinks the character’s reintroduction was “a horrible way to write Avery.”

To this Yellowstone fan, Avery “was great in Season 1. Strong, confident, accepted no nonsense in the bunkhouse. She was a good friend to Jimmy. Loved the scene where she won the poker bull game. Then she was just gone. Now the writers want us to believe she is a starry, eyed, love-struck girl who set to be a homewrecker. Totally out of character.”

These are the cards we’ve been dealt, however. And who is to say a person can’t be both tough-as-nails and starry-eyed in love with someone? The two traits aren’t mutually exclusive. Perhaps this exact dichotomy will play into the (potential) love story of Avery and Kayce come Yellowstone Season 5.

We’ll find out when the #1 show on television returns in late 2022 for its two-part Season 5.