‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Features ‘Much More’ of Beth Dutton as a ‘Cowboy,’ Says Kelly Reilly

by Jon D. B.

“The scripts for Season 5 are some of my favorites,” Kelly Reilly offers as she films the next episodes of Yellowstone, adding quite a bit for fans to get excited over.

Amidst shooting the first episodes of Yellowstone Season 5, the Beth Dutton actor took time to speak with awards app Gold Derby. It’s a lengthy interview with plenty to offer, but this long-time Yellowstone fan found one piece Reilly offers as particularly exciting.

“I don’t want to give too much away, because I’ll really be told off,” Reilly grins. “But Jamie is back in the fold. He’s now owned a bit by Beth. So he has to do what he’s told,” she reveals.

Yellowstone fans will no doubt remember the cause of this happenstance from Season 4’s riveting end. It’s good to know, at least, that this will actually follow through into Season 5. But that’s not nearly as exciting as the next revelation Reilly offers.

‘I don’t very often get a chance as Beth to do any of the cowboy stuff. But this year… This year she might’

We’ve seen plenty of Jamie and Beth sparring – and it’s always brilliant. Something we haven’t seen enough of? Cowboy Beth. And as Kelly Reilly herself reveals, that’s exactly where Season 5 is heading. First, she sets the stage:

“The scripts for Season 5 are some of my favorites,” Reilly beams. “I haven’t read them all yet, as we’re filming Episodes 1 and 2 right now, so we have a long season ahead. But I’ve read up to five episodes. Six episodes, actually, and they are fabulous.”

With a cheeky grin, the Yellowstone icon then leans in to reveal what she’s truly excited for. “We might be getting to see Beth more on a horse this year,” Reilly lauds. “Which I am personally really excited about. I really love all the stuff in the suits and the power [for Beth], But me, Kelly, I love being out in the wilds. And I don’t very often get a chance as Beth to do any of the cowboy stuff. But this year… This year she might,” Reilly smiles.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 To Feature Some Big Dutton Power Shifts

Of course, die-hard fans will know why we don’t see much of Beth on a horse (hint: it has a little something to do with the death of her mother, heaps of childhood trauma, and the like). But having Beth finally embrace her potential role as master of the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch will require some cowboying. And we can’t wait to see what that really looks like.

As for why this may happen, Reilly says Kevin Costner‘s patriarch will be rather… Indisposed. “Things have move forward with John Dutton’s position in Montana,” she reveals. “I can’t tell you what, but you might be able to put that together.”

Watch the full interview below for plenty more from Kelly Reilly ahead of Yellowstone Season 5.

Kelly Reilly (‘Yellowstone’): Beth Dutton is a ‘fearless thunderstorm of a woman’ and ‘a once in a lifetime role.’ She is a 21st century Lady Macbeth, scorching the earth for vengeance over the catastrophic events of the Season 3 finale. Gold Derby editor Rob Licuria hosts this webchat.

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