‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

by Amy Myers
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Tonight, Yellowstone fans have a reservation on their couches in front of the TV to catch the Season 4 finale, and already, we’re dying to know what’s in store for Season 5.

This season has been nothing short of exhilarating so far. In Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 1, we were still spinning from the assassination attempts on John, Beth, and Kayce Dutton from the previous finale. As the story continued, we soon found out that the man behind these attempts was Garrett Randle’s cellmate. To make matters even worse, Jamie and John Dutton then went head-to-head in the race for the governor’s position. Ultimately, John won the current governor’s support. Meanwhile, John Dutton and Rip Wheeler found themselves in a shootout in a diner that ended in the death of the Sheriff, Donnie Haskell, despite the duo’s best efforts to protect him.

Now, all signs are pointing towards a nail-biting conclusion that may give us some closure (or at least some more answers) regarding the rancher family’s relationship with Jamie.

So when will we get to see the next season of Yellowstone?

Paramount Has Yet to Officially Renew ‘Yellowstone’ for Season 5

Before you start to panic, Yellowstone ain’t going anywhere. While Paramount hasn’t yet renewed the show’s next season, this is just a matter of formalities. In fact, the network has already approved the franchise’s two spinoffs, 1883 and 6666, for this year, meaning that the main storyline will continue as well. But that does mean we’ll have to wait for an official release date for Yellowstone Season 5.

And, if you need further assurance that your favorite series is still alive and kicking, just take it from the actor behind Rip Wheeler, Cole Hauser. During an interview with Hall Family Wines Happy Hour in November, Hauser confirmed that director Taylor Sheridan has been working hard on developing the next season.

“Taylor’s working on it right now, and I think we will be back sometime in July [2022],” Hauser shared regarding the status of Yellowstone Season 5. “Season 5 is going to be wonderful. I mean, the way we ended season four, I can’t give too much away, but the way season four ends, I think the audience, and I know you like the show, I think you’ll be happily surprised with a lot of things.”

While the first three seasons of Yellowstone premiered in June, Season 5 will likely be following the schedule of Season 4 which began in November 2021. This also coincides with Hauser’s statement regarding the cast’s return in July 2022.

As for tonight’s season finale, Hauser said “the way Season 4 ends, the audience… will be happily surprised with a lot of things.”