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‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: How Many Episodes Can We Expect?

by Courtney Blackann

As “Yellowstone” fans eagerly await the next chapter of Taylor Sheridan’s epic drama, there’s some speculation about how many episodes will be a part of the next installment. And while we don’t know any specifics, we can make some guesses as to how Sheridan will map out the next adventure.

According to Carter Matt, the “Yellowstone” series won’t continue production for months. That means we’re all going to binging old episodes until we hear about a release date. The blog channel speculates that episodes could be released in the fall – but as those of us who had to wait a year and a half for season four, we’re not holding our breath.

No matter, however, because season four of “Yellowstone” was worth it. That being said, how many episodes do we think will be a part of season five? If history tells us anything, it’ll be 10 episodes. Each new episode of “Yellowstone” varies in length. So this gives us a little bit of wiggle room. And if we get another two-hour finale or premier, then we’re getting a bonus episode for sure.

However, only Taylor Sheridan knows the answer. But we assume that with his other projects in the works – “1883” and “6666” – the western writer will probably keep it to a reasonable length. Further, we’ve seen a lot in ten episodes of each season. It truly doesn’t feel like it needs to exceed 10 episodes to tell the next chapter of the story.

And while we’re all unsure where the story will go from here, there are plenty of plotlines to play out.

“Yellowstone:” The Dutton’s Future?

First, Jamie is facing a new world of fire as he firmly stays under the thumb of Beth Dutton. He’s just killed his biological father, Garrett Randall. Whatever implications this will bring is unknown. It could be his path back into the good graces of the Dutton family or his undoing.

Beth is a force unto herself. She’s as reckless as ever, and it could just turn into a full self-destructive bomb that implodes on itself. Her saving grace seems to be the grounding arms of Rip Wheeler, her new husband. But can he control her ruthless tirades?

Kayce finds himself at the mercy of his vision quest. He’s seen two paths that lead him in different directions. But which one is right? Will he and Monica have a future, or is it time they part ways?

And John is in the midst of an entire ordeal with Summer Higgins, the environmental activist he’s been so keen on helping. Will their romance continue, or will it flicker out as quickly as it started?

Whatever your best guesses are, there’s so much to unpack as the story moves forward. We hope that every episode is fulfilling. All of us fans will be waiting patiently.