‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Kevin Costner’s Post Ahead of Episode 3 Has Fans Lighting Up

by Lauren Boisvert
(Kevin Costner as John Dutton - Photo by Paramount Network Press)

The third episode of “Yellowstone” aired tonight, and Kevin Costner recently posted a couple of images on Instagram to get fans in the spirit of the show. The fans are so ready for the third episode of America’s favorite show, and flocked to the comments in support and excitement.

As for Kevin Costner’s Instagram, he posted two stills from the show. The first is of John Dutton in a suit and cowboy hat surveying land from a wooden fence. Sprinklers water the sprawling field while John Dutton watches on. In the next photo, Kayce Dutton joins his father on the fence.

In the episode, Kayce and John discuss what Monica wants for their baby’s funeral. In the premiere, Monica and Kayce’s baby died at the hospital. They named him John, making him John Dutton IV. It’s an eerie foreshadowing for the current John Dutton, as the baby represented his legacy, and the continuation of his name.

In the scene, Kayce shares that Monica wants a traditional funeral for the baby. Kayce says John probably can’t come, and neither can Kayce. Then, he gives up his job as the livestock commissioner. He says that his family needs him more, even as his father tells him that Montana needs him as well. But, in the end, John Dutton understands where his son is coming from and accepts his decision.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Show Support For the Show On Kevin Costner’s Instagram Post

Denim Richards, who plays Colby on the show, commented with the fire emoji. Fans flocked to the comments to share their anticipation for the new episode and comment on the spectacular photos. With the context of the scene from the episode, the photos are even more meaningful.

“What an amazing view, I would love to be there and just soak it all in,” wrote one viewer. Another wrote, “I love your show….Always unexpected plot twists!”

Unexpected is right. This “Yellowstone” episode threw a curveball to the audience in the last few minutes, but, honestly, one that we kind of saw coming. From photos that leaked in the summer, we pretty much anticipated there being a fight at the bar. Also, with what we know of Beth, we pretty much anticipated her to fight at the bar.

Plus, with the title of the episode being “Tall Drink of Water,” which is what a woman says to Rip at the bar, we’re also speculating that the incident at the end of the episode is going to take a turn into arc territory. Meaning, there are going to be real consequences for Beth. Maybe she’ll actually be punished for something for once? We’ll have to wait and see, but I predict these consequences are going to stick around like a bad smell.