‘Yellowstone’ Season 5’s Latest Casting Brings in a New Love Interest

by Jon D. B.
Yellowstone cast. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

By the sound of it, Rip has his work cut out for him in Yellowstone Season 5, but not in the way you might expect.

A whole lot changed for Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) in Yellowstone Season 4. For one, he’s finally married to his lifelong sweetheart, Beth (Kelly Reilly). Yet this pales in comparison to everything else Season 4 threw onto his plate. Rip is now living in the main Dutton lodge with his boss, John (Kevin Costner). And then there’s the whole Beth bringing home an orphan thing.

That orphan is, of course, Carter (Finn Little), the feisty teen who seems to be Rip Wheeler-made-over. Despite not wanting to take on a dog (let alone children), Cole Hauser says Rip and Carter are in for some bonding come Yellowstone Season 5. And a big part of that bonding will take place as Rip “fathers” Carter through a new love interest entering his life.

“Finn Little and I, we have some good stuff this year,” Hauser tells Entertainment Weekly Tuesday. “I’m becoming more of, I guess, a father figure to him, although he’s growing up fast. And so there’s that relationship, which has been very cool to see blossom,” the fan-favorite actor continues.

Orli Gottesman Joins ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 as Halie

Jointly, EW reveals the actor behind Carter’s foil. Orli Gottesman has joined Yellowstone Season 5 as Halie, “a confident, fun and outgoing girl who gravitates toward Carter.”

Orli Gottesman attends ‘Adeline’ Columbus screening and Q&A at Gateway Film Center. July 09, 2022, Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Duane Prokop/Getty Images for Screening of Adeline)

“In season 5, Halie becomes that person who gives Carter the chance to come out of his shell and to teach him not only about himself, but he finds himself always wanting Halie to be around,” EW cites of the character’s description.

For Carter, “Halie comes along and now there is someone who can fit that mold and be there for him,” the trade continues.

Gottesman joins Yellowstone Season 5 as a guest star, so she could feature in a few episodes, but we shouldn’t expect a full supporting role. Audiences will know the young actor from her 2022 debut, Adeline, and equestrian film starring Dukes of Hazzard‘s own Bo Hazzard, John Schneider.

Gottesman spends the majority of her screentime in Adeline either riding or tending to horses, so she’s surely well-suited to join Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone Universe. And if Halie’s relationship with Carter goes the same as Beth’s did with Rip when they were the same age, then we can expect a lot of fatherly anger coming from Hauser’s Season 5 performance.

For more on the latest Yellowstone casting, see our Yellowstone Season 5: Everything We Know So Far next. The season premieres this November 13 exclusively on Paramount Network.