‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Premiere Episode Title Revealed

by Jonathan Howard

While Yellowstone fans patiently wait for the Season 5 premiere to come on November 13, more and more details come out. From the little pictures we get to cast and crew members announcing that they have arrived on set. All those small things have added up to a clearer picture of what to expect. And with a little bit of help from Kelly Reilly, we have learned a lot more about the beginning of the upcoming season.

Some folks were able to spot an Instagram story that the Beth Dutton actress had posted the other day featuring a few of the scripts for the new season. The scripts, for episodes one, two, four, five, and six were piled together. Some of them you could even read a little bit. Thanks to screenshots and fans that are very dedicated, we know what the title of the first episode is.

So, Season 5, Episode 1 is going to be titled “One Hundred Years Is Nothing.” That’s a fairly ominous and heavy title. However, it feels like the stakes have ramped up so much that it’s going to be a pretty heavy storyline this season.

We also know that Taylor Sheridan wrote the premiere episode. The Yellowstone co-creator continues to operate, for the most part, on his own when it comes to story writing. Real-deal fans will be very happy to see director Stephen Kay back behind the camera for this episode. Sheridan brings him in for big stories and episodes, such as finales and season openers. After this premiere, Kay will have done three finales and season openers each for the series.

One thing that’s going to be bugging fans until the season airs – why doesn’t she have Episode 3 and anything beyond 6?

What’s Up with the Missing ‘Yellowstone’ Scripts?

Alright, let’s do some fan conspiracy theory here. Since there are more than four months until the premiere of Season 5 of Yellowstone, why not? For those that are worried about the missing Episode 3 script – don’t. This is a very easy explanation. She isn’t in that episode. Remember, Outsiders, we’re going to have some flashbacks to younger Duttons. I have a feeling that this episode is going to be focused on the past.

Or, it might be focused away from Beth for just one episode. Perhaps, she had the script for that episode somewhere else, too. But I’m betting on a flashback episode.

As for the missing scripts for anything beyond Episode 6 – that is also easily explainable. The cast and crew are simply shooting the first half of the season. Yellowstone star Kevin Costner said “We’re halfway through it,” just the other day. So, they are probably finishing up that first half and getting ready to get into the latter part of the season soon. Beth is going to be sticking around, don’t worry about that.

After all, it wouldn’t be Yellowstone without Beth.