‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Premiere: Kelly Reilly Talks New Stage of Beth-Jamie Feud

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo Credit Paramount Network)

Hours before the season 5 premiere of Yellowstone, Kelly Reilly opened up about the new stage of Beth and Jamie’s big feud. During an interview with Deadline, Reilly chatted about the sibling conflict in season 5. “Yeah, sort of two tigers, isn’t it? I mean, she says to him, ‘You’re in my prison now.’ How Beth and Jamie are in the fold together sort of feels like early days and now they’re both with their father as he becomes governor and Jamie has to play ball in Beth’s world.”

Reilly also explained that in season 5 of Yellowstone, Beth pushes Jamie to do everything their father says. This makes things even more uncomfortable for Jamie. “And she says to him, ‘You will do as he asks you to do.’ And it goes against every fiber in Jamie’s body to do what he’s being asked to do. Is it awful? He is like a prisoner in this family and I think at any opportunity, Beth will remind him of that in her most eloquent way.”

Kelly Reilly Also Speaks About Beth & John’s Approach to the Governor Role in Season 5 of ‘Yellowstone’

While continuing to chat about the season 5 premiere of Yellowstone, Reilly says that Beth and John do not want to be at the swearing-in ceremony. “They are both incredibly reluctant to be there. I don’t think either one of them have any interest in this world. However, and it is a big one, Beth understands, as does John, that this is necessary in order to shut down the building of the airport. And the only way that they can enforce real change is for him to become governor.”

Then Reilly explained John and Beth in a position of power while “squirming” it is not how they play. This may predict how season 5 of Yellowstone will go for either of them. “They’re dirty in the way they do their dealings in business,” she said. “And now they’re having to toe the line a little bit and do things properly. It’s quite fun to see Beth not quite able to manage that.”

Also speaking about the theory of Jamie being the best guy for the governor position, Reilly says. “Every character in this show seems to have many different angles. From another angle, Jamie was absolutely in cahoots with his father, and with the hit was supposed to kill his real father (Will Patton) and kill Beth and Casey. So yeah, depending on what angle you want to look from, you are absolutely right.”

Reilly went on to explain that what’s so great about the Yellowstone story is that both arguments are presented. “It’s up to the audience to make up their mind,” she went on to add. “What’s so great is when we all disagree.”