‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Production Closes Down Missoula Streets

by Chris Haney

As production continues for Season 5 of Yellowstone, locals in Montana have been notified of closed-down streets for filming. Fans of the hit Paramount series are eagerly awaiting the next season of their favorite show. Following the dramatic end to Season 4 in January, fans have almost a full year to wait before Yellowstone Season 5 premieres. But at least we know they’re making progress with production of the series.

Two weeks ago, Yellowstone announced that the Season 5 premiere would air on Sunday, November 13. Production is underway, which Missoula, Montana locals are very aware of. Last week, the series took over the small downtown as the city posted a statement for citizens. The streets surrounding the Missoula County Courthouse will be closed most of this week to film Yellowstone. The city of Missoula shared a message warning locals of the possible inconvenience due to filming.

“With streets around the Missoula County Courthouse closed next week for filming of the “Yellowstone” TV series, county staff encourages residents seeking services at the courthouse to allow for additional time to find parking or to take advantage of online options,” the statement reads, according to NBC Montana.

The city also added information and links that encouraged locals to use the government’s online options for certain services. Those included members of the public who need to pay their property taxes before the May 31 due date. The city also encouraged others needing to renew their vehicle registration to do so online.

The city went on to share the exact streets that will be shutdown as well. Their statement reads: “Starting Tuesday, May 31, Ryman Street between Broadway and Pine will be closed to all traffic. Additionally, those blocks of Ryman and Woody streets will be closed on Wednesday, June 1 (see map).”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Shares What Fans Can Expect in Season 5

Thankfully, Yellowstone fans at least have a countdown now that Season 5 production is underway. As always, series creator Taylor Sheridan and his cast are tight-lipped when it comes to upcoming storylines. Yet we all know plenty of drama and action will make its way back to our TV screens soon when Season 5 premieres later this year.

Yet we got one of our first glimpses into the new season when Beth Dutton actress Kelly Reilly walked the red carpet recently. Last weekend, Reilly took part in Paramount’s Upfront 2022 presentation where Entertainment Tonight caught up with the actress. They asked her about Season 5, and without giving much away, she all but guaranteed fans have another wild ride in store with the new season.

“Well, it’s always that sort of… the problem is how do we top it every year?” Reilly said. “Some of the same challenges, protecting the land, looking after my father, protecting him. And just when I think Beth might be trying to mellow down a bit, she’s a married woman. That’s not happening. I mean, the married woman part is happening, but the calming down. So, the fierceness is legitimately leveling up.”