‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Teaser Breakdown: Here’s What’s Happening in the New Trailer

by Jon D. B.

Is that an urn Beth is staring at? There’s a lot to unpack in Yellowstone‘s 15-second teaser for Season 5, so let’s get to it.

Sunday night, Paramount shocked fans by airing the Yellowstone Season 5 teaser during the MTV Video Music Awards and sending it out to press for wide release. It’s everywhere as a result, which is fitting as the excitement for the return of television’s #1 show is palpable.

But what does this tantalizing, albeit brief, teaser show us of Season 5? A decent bit, actually. Now that we’ve all had a bit of time to mull it over, let’s break these short clips down one-by-one to see what’s really happening in the Yellowstone Season 5 teaser below. But first, be warned of major spoilers for the entire series below.

Clip 1: Beth’s Dramatic Turn

Sitting in her family home without the fireplace lit, Beth gives a dramatic turn towards the camera. She looks distraught, but not in a lost sort of way. Instead, she looks to be having an epiphany moment as she turns to stare at what appears to be an urn.

But who’s ashes could those be? Only one Yellowstone death from the first four seasons lines up, and lines up perfectly: Lee Dutton. The body of Beth’s older brother had to be dug up and cremated amidst Season 1’s scandals, so it looks as if Season 5 may finally draw some connection between Beth and her late sibling. This seems far more likely than another cremation in the upcoming episodes.

Kelly Reilly has also stated that we’ll be seeing a lot more “cowboying” from Beth this season. Could she be looking to her late brother for guidance and/or inspiration? The horse-rider statue adjacent to the urn certainly makes it feel that way.

Clip 2: Jamie’s Dramatic Turn

It’s just like Jamie (Wes Bentley) to try and one-up Beth with a dramatic turn of his own, huh? Honestly, there’s not nearly as much to unpack in this clip, however. Jamie looks much the same as he always does, though whatever is on the other side of that fancy door looks to be worrying him significantly. But then again, what doesn’t worry Jamie Dutton?

Regardless, Jamie is now firmly under his sister’s control thanks to her holding the ultimate blackmail: a photo of Jamie dumping his biological father’s body off at the ‘Train Station.’ We expect both Beth and their father to make good use of this come Season 5.

Clip 3: Kayce’s Face-Palm

After seeing the end of his family in his Season 4 vision quest, Kayce (Luke Grimes) is clearly having a rough go of it. In his clip, we see the youngest Dutton sibling sitting on the porch of his new Montana ranch home. Monica and Tate are nowhere to be seen, but this is only a two-second clip.

Season 4 would show us only the beginnings of Kayce and his family making a life of their own outside the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch (again). It’s safe to assume we’re going to see much more of the fallout of this decision and how it impacts the future Kayce saw in his vision.

Clip 4: Rip-Roaring Revenge

It wouldn’t be Yellowstone without Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) cocking a gun. And lord knows what this man is capable of with a high-powered rifle and scope. Rip is clearly out for blood in his brief clip, and we can see both his horse and Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) atop his own steed as they ready themselves for action.

Are the Duttons readying for war to protect their land from Caroline Warner? That feels like the only option left at this point. Or is it?

Clip 5: John Dutton

The other option is: John Dutton, Governor of Montana. As the final clip shows after the teaser’s ominous “All will be revealed” tagline, John (Kevin Costner) is seen walking down what looks to be a hotel/convention center hallway. Could he, Governor Perry (Wendy Moniz), and Beth be heading for a big political event? Perhaps the announcement rally for John Dutton as Governor of Montana?

These two powerful women have been paramount to John’s story throughout Yellowstone, so it feels beyond fitting to have them both flanking him in this intense reveal; whatever it is…

Yellowstone returns for Season 5 with a two-hour premiere event on November 13, exclusively on Paramount Network.