‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Watch the Action-Packed Episode 3 Preview

by Lauren Boisvert
(Kevin Costner as John Dutton and uke Grimes as Kayce Dutton - Photo by Paramount Network Press)

Last night’s “Yellowstone” premiere, which featured the first two episodes of season 5, was a cinematic extravaganza of the highest degree. Twists, turns, foreshadowing, backstory, it had it all. Just like this will have spoilers for the premiere, so tread lightly if you haven’t seen it yet.

That being said, we now have a preview of the third “Yellowstone” episode, coming next Sunday. And this one is quickly ramping up into something explosive and devastating for the Dutton family. It feels like things are accelerating at a wild pace, so quickly that both the characters and the audience can barely keep up. But, really, isn’t that half the fun of “Yellowstone”?

This preview features new Governor John Dutton spitting some wisdom, as usual, alongside Beth declaring war, as usual, and Jamie being a bit of a worm, as usual. But, the stakes are now higher than they’ve ever been. The Duttons are more in power now than they have been in the past, and that means they have much more to lose.

‘Yellowstone’ Gears Up For a Fight in New Preview of Episode Three

Everyone is gearing up for a fight. From John, Beth, and Jamie, to Kayce, Rainwater, and Mo. My prediction is John is going to do away with Market Equities, and then there’s nothing standing in the way of his fight with Rainwater. Without a common enemy, they’ll turn on each other again.

“Nobody knows what the hell we do anymore,” John says in the preview. “I think it’s time we remind them.” This could possibly be a recurring theme in this “Yellowstone” season. Now that John’s Governor, maybe people with think he’s gone soft. They’ll underestimate him, try to play him, never mind that he has more power than he’s ever had.

“The first Duttons to settle this valley, fighting was all they knew,” John says in the beginning. “What it must feel like to be that free. Cowards rule the world these days.”

Another quote worth remembering, one that harkens back to “1883.” But it’s not 1883 anymore, and John Dutton knows that. There are more modern problems to deal with, and people more conniving and secretive. Now that he’s Governor, he has to wade through the maze of politics. He can’t do whatever he wants like his ancestors. And he doesn’t like that.

What That Tragic Death Could Signify for John Dutton

Speaking of John Dutton, at the end of episode 1, we find out that Monica and Kayce’s son was born too early, and died after Monica and Tate got into a car accident on the way to the hospital. This is all relevant to John because that’s what they decided to name him: he would have been John Dutton IV.

But, the baby died. This could be more of a symbol than just a family tragedy. John IV was the continuation of John Dutton’s name and legacy. Beth can’t have children, Jamie is not an actual Dutton, and so Tate is technically the last of the Dutton line. That baby signified a continuation of John’s power as his namesake. His death could foreshadow more for John Dutton than just losing a grandson. It could signify his death as well.