‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Wes Bentley Argues That John Dutton ‘Is His Own Worst Enemy’

by Jon D. B.
Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton, Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Yellowstone‘s rollercoaster of a fourth season landed John Dutton (Kevin Costner) as Governor of Montana. But is that a good thing?

When I spoke to Jamie Dutton’s Wes Bentley this morning, he didn’t mince his words. “John Dutton is a hypocrite,” he smiled. And as we say in the South: ‘Them’s fightin’ words.‘ Especially if they’re leveled at the governor of your state who also happens to be your father.

Or adoptive father, rather, as Jamie would likely specify these days. But the sentiment rings true, as John is becoming the thing he loathes most: a politician. For Bentley, his character’s biggest concern going into Yellowstone Season 5 is how John Dutton will abuse such a powerful office regardless. Jamie remains the Montana Attorney General, after all; a chair John abused through his (adopted) son time and time again.

“You could argue John is his own worst enemy at this point,” Bentley told TV Insider earlier this week. “John’s trying to blow it all up,” he adds of the patriarch’s political ambitions. “That becomes a clash of state versus corporate power. Ironically, with John as the state.”

In short: “There’s definitely some shady business,” he smiles. “Jamie tries to convince [John and Beth] they could use, rather than break or bend, the law to do the things they want to do. But they’re a blunt object.”

That’s certainly a sentiment that could be applied to all Duttons but Jamie. Bentley’s shrewd politician isn’t without heart, but he’s easily manipulated; something he looks to finally be fed up with in the Yellowstone Season 5 premiere. Especially where his sister, Beth (Kelly Reilly) is concerned.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 will be the Ultimate Jamie vs Beth Match

When we last left these two, Beth had framed Jamie with the most malicious intent. Photographing him as he dumped the body of his biological father, Garrett Randall (Will Patton) at the infamous Train Station, Beth now holds the ultimate blackmail over her (adopted) brother.

“For a minute, they thought maybe Jamie was a good guy, and then he goes and does that,” Bentley says of Jamie murdering Garrett Randall. “But I’ve also heard from people who feel sympathetic and are angry with Beth for getting him to do it.”

Both sides have valid points. Jamie may have been emotionally tortured and abused by his adoptive family, but he still made the biggest of mistakes in fostering the man he knew tried to kill them all. No happy ending could ever come of that. Especially when Beth Dutton has cards to play.

“He’s full of rage,” Bentley says as a result of his sister’s manipulation. Also as a result, “[He and Beth] have intense interactions at another level this season. He’s empty, alone, angry, resentful, guilty, and sad. It’s only so long till he’s got to do something. What is redemption for him? It’s not gonna be pretty.”

Sounds like Jamie may not be anticipating the return of Christina and their baby boy in Yellowstone Season 5. Whether that’s true or not, however, remains to be seen.

Yellowstone returns Sunday, November 13 with a two-hour premiere event, exclusively on Paramount Network.