‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Wes Bentley Reveals Rivalry with Dawn Olivieri’s New Character

by Jon D. B.
Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) in Yellowstone. Photo Courtesy Paramount Network Press.

From 1883 to Yellowstone, Dawn Olivieri has made a transformation that has the Duttons wishing they’d never met her new character.

Olivier first stunned audiences in the Yellowstone Universe as the shrewd, ill-fated sister to Faith Hill’s Margaret Dutton, Claire, in prequel series 1883. She clearly made an impression on series mastermind Taylor Sheridan, too. Fast-forward a few years and Olivieri is now playing an entirely new character in his flagship series, Sarah Atwood.

In Yellowstone Season 5, Atwood is a “confident corporate shark” called in by Jacki Weaver‘s Market Equities CEO, Caroline Warner, to “deal” with the Duttons once and for all. And while a clear rivalry between Sarah and Kelly Reilly‘s Beth is on the horizon, a new reveal from Wes Bentley points to his Jamie Dutton being Atwood’s first big opponent.

“She comes in with force. Jamie particularly has to deal with her,” Bentley offers in TV Insider’s Yellowstone cover story. “She’s carrying the same strong business world energy [as Beth].”

Enter Sarah Atwood’s next Dutton rivalry. “The women may have to duke it out at some point,” Bentley says. And with a chuckle, the Yellowstone actor says Jamie will become stuck in the middle of it “as always.”

Jamie’s Battle with Sarah Atwood Becomes Beth’s in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

“Anytime somebody comes into power, they become a target,” Olivieri offered of her character in the show’s latest featurette. As Bentley confirms, Sarah is the “Counselor for Market Equities,” and she is out for blood. And money.

Atwood’s “main goal is to get their project back in line,” Olivieri adds of Sarah. Caroline Warner threatens to “Turn her loose,” too, doubling down on the whole “The Duttons should fear her” theory. And once she gets ahold of Beth, it sounds like those threats Warner made in Season 4 may come to fruition.

“Sarah will be an adversary for Beth in a way that she’s never experienced,” Kelly Reilly reveals. “That’s going to be like two goliaths. When she sees her opportunity, she’ll take it.”

Olivieri gets the last laugh on this sentiment, too. It’s a good thing Beth is to take Sarah on, however, because Jamie certainly has his own demons to battle.

“John’s trying to blow it all up,” Bentley says of his on-screen father, Kevin Costner‘s Yellowstone patriarch, and the dicey politics ahead. As Montana’s new governor, John is set to see a whole lot more of his attorney general son come Yellowstone Season 5. And they will have it out.

“That becomes a clash of state versus corporate power — ironically, with John as the state. There’s definitely some shady business,” Bentley adds of their relationship. “Jamie tries to convince [John and Beth] they could use, rather than break or bend, the law to do the things they want to do. But they’re a blunt object.”

Ain’t that the truth. We’ll see how it all pans out as Season 5 rolls on. And if the premiere is any indication, we’re in for our wildest ride yet. Yellowstone returns exclusively to Paramount Network this November 13.