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‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Wes Bentley Says Jamie Dutton is Now Ready to ‘Take Out’ Beth, ‘Period’

by Lauren Boisvert
(Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton - Photo by Paramount Network Press)

“It’s a lot of fun for Jamie [to see] Beth in cuffs,” Wes Bentley laughs in a new “Yellowstone” behind-the-scenes video. “That’s a little win, her needing his legal expertise.”

In the behind-the-scenes look at episode 4, “Yellowstone” star Wes Bentley delves into Beth and Jamie’s new dynamic, with her needing him to get her out of county jail in episode 4. Beth does everything to not have to rely on Jamie, and now here she is.

The entire scene culminates in Beth’s threat to Jamie’s child when she finds out he has a son. “The next time you see him you can kiss him goodbye because he’s as good as gone,” she spits as she walks away. It’s clear in the scene that Jamie is ready to find peace with his sister and put their past behind him. He apologizes to her for taking her to the clinic that robbed her of her ability to have children. But, Beth won’t accept anything from him, less so now that she knows he has a child and she doesn’t.

It’s that vitriol and inability for Beth to move past her pain that is pushing Jamie over the edge. He has a moment when he might just end it all right there on the side of the road. Jamie speeds toward Beth as she walks away, swerving at the last minute to avoid her. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

“She threatens Jamie’s child,” Wes Bentley explains, “and then we see where Jamie’s at. And that he considers maybe taking her out right then and there. And that means he might be ready to take her out. Period.”

Beth and Jamie’s Feud: How Do ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Feel About It?

It seems like “Yellowstone” fans are getting a little bit tired of Beth and Jamie’s intense feud now that it’s going into the fifth season. Will they ever put an end to it? Does anyone really care to see the end of it anymore?

“Is it just me who is bored to tears with this season?” one fan wrote on Twitter. “This always happens when the writer tries writing several series at the same time […] I’m tired of all the lazy writing […] leaning on a bipolar psycho to carry interest when I just want Beth medicated.”

Another person wrote, “I know Beth is just a character written by someone but honestly the hate is hard to watch.” Yet another commented, “I see from the replies that Beth has worn out her welcome with the fans. She’s been over-the-top hateful way too long. Nice job ruining a character.”

One fan was in total support of Jamie running Beth over with the car. It seems like Beth has indeed worn out her welcome, at least with one community of fans. Will there ever be redemption for these characters? Is this a case of bad writing as some fans think, or are they written this way on purpose? “Yellowstone” occasionally exists in a bit of a characterization gray area, meaning that it’s sometimes hard to know what the intentions are, especially with Beth. We’ll just have to keep tuning in if we want to see how this feud will play out.