‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Why Is the Show Splitting the Season Into Two Parts?

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

It appears that Yellowstone will be split into two parts for Season 5 on the Paramount Network. This is an interesting twist. We do know that creator Taylor Sheridan likes to keep people, including cast members and viewers, on their toes. He’s always looking to create some different looks at Yellowstone and has done so over the first four seasons. A lot of different storylines have been tossed together in episodes.

‘Yellowstone’ Reportedly Splitting Season 5 Into Two Parts For TV Season

What is going on with this Yellowstone split? So, there was a report from the Wall Street Journal that said Season 5 will have 14 episodes. The report also brought to light the Western drama being split into two parts. As we said, it appears this will be happening. Executive producer Chris McCarthy said as much in the Wall Street Journal report.

Yellowstone is incredibly popular. Maybe the Paramount Network wants to have more of a power play in the TV industry. Maybe they want to have the show on in the summertime. People are vacationing, for sure, but some are at home. We get more about this from Matt & Jess.

Why not get some episodes out there and let fans get an early jump on Yellowstone Season 5? Of course, Sheridan also is busy with a new prequel series titled 1932. The world of Taylor keeps on growing. We’ve already had 1883 take up wondrous space in our TV viewing.

Potential Risk Might Also Bring In Viewers Earlier Than Normal

Of course, doing this is risky. One reason that Yellowstone might start early goes to the point of getting viewers invested early. These fans are some of the most dedicated TV viewers, too. Getting an order for 14 episodes makes that the biggest amount for the show in its time on TV. So, we’re having more John Dutton? More Beth and Jamie drama? More time to see how John and Summer will work out? Sounds good to us.

Then, there are those fans who see all of this as just too much. The regular series and spin-offs galore. There are some who have commented that Yellowstone might have lost its edge due to a lack of focus from Sheridan. So many shows to keep him busy and not eyeballing the main show.

Fans flocked to Reddit where they shared their thoughts about this split happening. “I honestly don’t know what to think about this,” this Redditor writes. “If it can have a great storyline and only focus on Yellowstone (not 6666 and 1883) then I’m fine with it. But if it’s with more of those scenes even though I enjoy them I don’t want it. Also, commercials will be a drag.”