‘Yellowstone’ Season 6: When Can We Expect Renewal News?

by Lauren Boisvert

It’s never too early to start thinking about “Yellowstone” season 6, even though season 5 is still a few months away. We’re on the edges of our seats speculating about what could possibly go down in season 5, but what about renewal? When should we expect to hear about the next “Yellowstone” installment?

Judging by how popular the series is, I’m going to speculate that Paramount is locked and loaded to reveal a renewal for season 6. “Yellowstone” is Paramount’s pride and joy right now, the most popular show in the US. It’s gotten huge ratings from all demographics since season 3 when it really started to take off. What I’m saying is, there’s very little chance that Paramount is going to cancel “Yellowstone.” The most plausible course of action is the network is going to let Taylor Sheridan end his series the way he wants to.

So, I’m confident there’s going to be a season 6, unless something drastic happens. But, when Paramount will announce the renewal is a different story. If we look at the renewals of the past, the network took its sweet time making a new season official. Paramount announced the season 5 premiere on May 18, 2022, after season 4 concluded on January 2. Because of this length of time between ending and announcement for season 5, I’m expecting the same treatment for season 6.

Why did Paramount wait so long to officially renew “Yellowstone,” you ask? Maybe it’s anticipation, trying to drum up more of an audience, and get everyone anxious for a new season. Maybe they really had to think about renewing it or not. Whatever the reason, we know Paramount likes to take its time. So, for season 6, be prepared to wait a little while before we get an official renewal.

What We Know So Far About ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5, and What We’re Speculating About

There have been some changes and additions to the “Yellowstone” cast, as reported last month. We’re excited to see how these new and returning characters are primed to shaped the new season of “Yellowstone.”

First of all, Josh Lucas is returning as young John Dutton. In addition, Kyle Red Silverstein and Kylie Rogers return as young Rip and Beth, respectively. This means we’re getting some flashback action again, possibly when Rip and Beth are a little bit older, as the child actors have aged as well. This brings to mind Finn Little as Carter, who has grown up significantly since January. His changed appearance makes me think there’s going to be a time skip in between season 4 and 5, to accommodate how he’s aged in real time.

Additionally, Lainey Wilson is joining the cast as a musician named Abby. My thoughts about Abby are that she might be the “someone” from Beth’s past that we’ve written about before. Apparently, Beth is going to reconnect with someone from years ago, and the two are “peas in a pod.” Could Abby be the friend that Beth needs this season?

Also, Jen Landon as Teeter, Kathryn Kelly as Jimmy’s girlfriend Emily, and Mo Brings Plenty as Rainwater’s right hand, Mo, have moved up to series regulars. We’ll be seeing a lot more of them, hopefully, as season 5 plays out.