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‘Yellowstone’ Season Finale: Analyzing Jamie’s Poor Decisions

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

After all of the smoke cleared from last Sunday’s “Yellowstone” finale, fans of the show found themselves asking one question. What the heck is Jamie Dutton doing?

It is the same question that “Yellowstone” fans have been asking themselves for four seasons now. Jamie’s missteps have become something of a comedy of errors. When presented with two or more options, Jamie seemingly always picks the wrong one. It’s become a pattern that defines Jamie’s character as he’s now the official “Yellowstone” whipping boy. It was more of the same with the fourth season finale as Jamie is forced to beg for his life from his knees in front of his sister.

When it seems all but certain that Beth Dutton is going to kill him, Jamie is given one more chance. In order to find his way out of the predicament he is in, he must kill his biological father, Garrett Randall. Despite bonding and becoming close with his father, Jamie does not hesitate to put a bullet in Randall’s head to save himself. It’s textbook Jamie Dutton and is the response we have come to expect from the ugly duckling of the Dutton family.

Despite his many flaws, Jamie Dutton is one of “Yellowstone’s” best and most layered characters. Wes Bentley, the actor behind Jamie, is outstanding in the role, bringing the character to life each time he is on screen. While we don’t know what the fifth season will bring, it certainly seems like “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan is setting up a civil war between the Duttons.

The decisive scene between Beth Dutton and Jamie is marvelous. Full of tension, viewers are led to believe that the end is near for Jamie. Armed with information, Beth gives Jamie three options. Only one allows him to live.

‘Yellowstone’ Sets Up Jamie Dutton as Primary Antagonist

While we can’t see inside Sheridan’s head, it seems he is positioning Jamie as the top threat to the Dutton family.

As it stands, his only positive relationship in his own adopted family is with his brother, Kayce Dutton. It is Kayce who asks Jamie to look into the matter that leads him to the shocking discovery about his father. Through everything that has happened, Jamie is clinging to the small hope that his adopted father will accept him. That isn’t likely to happen and the two men could be at war in the upcoming new “Yellowstone” season.

The biggest question now surrounding “Yellowstone” is when will we see Jamie’s breaking point?

At some point, you have to imagine that Jamie will be pushed to the edge and will start fighting back. As the Attorney General of Montana, Jamie has plenty of power to hurt the Dutton family.

Will Jamie grow a pair and fight back when season five arrives? That is a question “Yellowstone” fans must ponder during the offseason.