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‘Yellowstone’ Season Finale: Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler Are Getting Married

by Amy Myers
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Love is in the air in the Yellowstone Season finale, and Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler are under the spell, too.

Beth and Rip have been intertwined with each other since the moment we met them way back in Season 1, and for a while, we hoped that the two would tie the knot one day. In Season 3, they became engaged, but as time wore on and more enemies sought out the Dutton ranch, romance took a back seat to protect the family and the land. Now, though, it seems the two finally feel safe enough – at least with each other – to say their vows.

Given how long it took for Rip and Beth’s relationship to officially materialize, Yellowstone fans expected an equally long engagement. After all, the two met as kids, hooked up a few times as teenagers and didn’t really date until Season 1. Taking it slow has always been their speed.

On the other hand, it does seem that the two have lived a lifetime together since that first night together. They’ve been in the midst of so much danger and drama together that they’ve truly learned the value of their partners. Not to mention, Beth is literally willing to kill her adopted brother and go to jail for it, so they are working with a time crunch.

Beth and Rip Have a Low-Key ‘Yellowstone’ Ceremony

If you know Beth, you also know that she isn’t one for glitz and glam. So, the details of the ceremony didn’t mean much to her. As long as the man she loved was at the end of the altar, that’s all that mattered.

Still, there were a couple of formalities they needed to arrange for the ceremony to happen. First, they needed someone to officiate the wedding. Next, they needed witnesses, and lastly, the rings.

Well, Beth didn’t waste any time asking around for a wedding officiant. Instead, she decided to kidnap a priest on her way to the ranch, even though neither she nor Rip were Catholic. Oh well.

Both Yellowstone lovebirds then gathered the people that mattered most to them. Rip invites Lloyd from the bunkhouse to be his best man, while John Dutton walks Beth down the aisle. The two share their vows, and finally, Rip slides his mother’s ring on his bride’s finger. And just like that, they seal the moment with a kiss and they’re married.

While the ceremony was a bit hasty, it was nothing short of what we would expect from Rip and Beth. Always down-to-earth, the two never bother themselves with appearances. Rather, they see each other’s good sides and bad sides and love them both equally.

Now, onto find Jamie.