‘Yellowstone’ Season Finale: Bunkhouse Stars Break Down Emily-Mia Fight Scene

by Leanne Stahulak
Paramount Press Center

Whether it’s between cowboys or vet techs and barrel racers, the fights on “Yellowstone” always deliver, and last night was no exception.

Jimmy finally returned to the Yellowstone after spending some time down at the Four-Sixes Ranch in Texas. But he brought his new fiancee, Emily, with him. He didn’t know that his ex-girlfriend, Mia, would be hanging out at the bunkhouse when they arrived.

When Mia heard the news, she immediately jumped up and socked Jimmy right in the face. Which caused Emily to leap to his defense and slam a left hook into Mia’s mouth. The two kept whaling on each other until Jimmy finally intervened and took Mia outside to talk.

“Yellowstone” stars Jefferson White (Jimmy), Eden Brolin (Mia), and Kathryn Kelly (Emily) broke down the fight scene in a “Behind the Story” featurette.

Kelly said, “Our engagement comes as little bit of a shock. Mia’s not super thrilled, and then of course I gotta protect my man, so.”

While it was immensely satisfying for some fans to see Emily get the upper hand on Mia and defend Jimmy, White said that Jimmy himself wasn’t too pleased.

“Seeing [Mia] and Emily fighting, it’s the last thing Jimmy wants,” the “Yellowstone” star said. “So he’s in an incredibly difficult position there, and it sort of comes to a very uncomfortable head in that conversation with Mia. To see her in pain is such a difficult thing for Jimmy. And to know that he’s the sort of cause of that pain.”

Mia forced Jimmy to choose between her and Emily during that conversation. But Brolin said, “I think she knows that he’s kind of already made his choice. I just don’t really think that she wants to face it.”

“He still wants what’s best for Mia, too. So I think that was an incredibly painful thing for Jimmy to see,” White continued. “That said, I think Jimmy’s not gonna sell out Emily to make Mia feel better.”

Check out the rest of the featurette below.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weigh in On Surprising News About Jimmy’s Engagement

During the airing of the season finale, the official “Yellowstone” Twitter account sent out a tweet about Jimmy’s big news. They posted a GIF of Jimmy and Emily and captioned it, “FIANCÉE?!”

Fans immediately took to the comments to express their shock and delight. “Didn’t see that coming! Go Jimmy!” one fan commented. Another said, “Yes Jimmy deserves some happiness!!”

A few were surprised by the speed at which Emily and Jimmy’s relationship moved. But almost everyone agreed that Emily was the better choice for him than Mia. Someone started a Team Mia or Team Emily hashtag and more people definitely voted for the latter.

We only hope that Emily and Jimmy find loads of happiness in the future.