‘Yellowstone’ Season Finale: Fans Go Wild Over Beth & Rip Tying the Knot

by Jennifer Shea

They finally did it. Yellowstone’s fan-favorite lovebirds finally tied the knot. And fans are cheering the development enthusiastically on social media.

On Sunday’s Season 4 finale, Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) married Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) in a small ceremony at the Dutton Ranch presided over by a Catholic priest she kidnapped at gunpoint. Rip finally got to give her his late mother’s wedding ring. And John Dutton (Kevin Costner) finally got to give her away.

Meanwhile, Yellowstone fans were taking to Twitter to share their reactions to the wedding in real-time. They saluted Beth and worried about what she was planning next. And they posted happy GIFs to mark the occasion.

Yellowstone Fans Light Up Twitter Over Beth-Rip Wedding

Yellowstone fans were mostly elated at the wedding, which some feared would never happen. After all, Beth and Rip have at times appeared to be almost star-crossed lovers, with obstacles ranging from Beth’s dalliance with Walker (Ryan Bingham) to Beth’s inability to have children to Rip’s dangerous work.

Indeed, some fans feared what comes next. Was Beth about to do something even more crazy than walking into a prison for a conjugal visit? But most were just happy to see Beth and Rip finally saying “I do,” and they liked the way the couple tied the knot, too.

“OMG they are both beautifully crazy in love and I’m here for it!!!” one fan tweeted at @Yellowstone.

“Lol at the priest and not being Catholic,” another tweep posted as the finale unfolded.

“Welp. They done gone and done it,” yet another Twitter user chimed in.

What’s Next for Beth and Rip?

The duo are finally man and wife, but will they settle into some semblance of a family life with Carter (Finn Little)? Their efforts at domesticity have gone by fits and starts; if some drama at the ranch isn’t interrupting things, Beth’s emotional whims often are.  

In fact, it’s John Dutton who’s apparently provided the boy with some constancy and routine, teaching him how to ride a horse properly and taking him out riding on a regular basis. But as Carter stays on at the ranch, will Rip come to see him as the son he never had?

Hauser has hinted that future seasons may bring out more of the paternal side in Rip. And after the Season 4 finale, Yellowstone fans are sure to be watching closely to find out if their little family will last.