‘Yellowstone’ Season Finale: Forrie J. Smith Says Lloyd Is ‘Proud’ of Jimmy

by Amy Myers

Oh, Jimmy. We first met you when you had just given up your drug-dealing past for a job on the Yellowstone ranch, and now, you’re a true-blue cowboy just three seasons later. The transformation is nothing short of miraculous. Without John Dutton and Rip Wheeler’s interference, Jimmy Hurdstrom would have been a blip on the Duttons’ radar, tucked away in jail for his crimes. However, when Jimmy received his brand and became a part of the Yellowstone family, something changed inside of him – it was as if he came back to life, little by little.

Sure, when he first started, Jimmy could barely wrangle a calf, let alone ride a horse. Completely green to the trade, John and Rip knew he had a long road ahead of him. But now, with a stable community of hardworking men surrounding him, Jimmy finally had the support he needed to turn a new leaf. Now, he’s become an essential part of the main series as well as the main character of the spinoff, 6666.

Of course, we’re not the only ones that recognize just how far Jimmy’s come from his first day. Fellow bunkhouse member, Lloyd, has witnessed the Yellowstone junior ranchhand grow into his spurs.

The actor behind Lloyd, Forrie J. Smith, even commented on how proud his character is of Jimmy, who he’s come to recognize as family.

“Lloyd’s proud for him and understands where he’s coming from and why he’s leaving,” Smith shared in a behind-the-scenes interview.

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Despite his support for Jimmy’s decision to head back to Texas, Lloyd was still emotional when the young Yellowstone member broke the news of his departure. Lloyd had been such a pivotal part of Jimmy’s transformation into a dependable ranchhand and down-to-earth man. But while he was sad to see Jimmy go, he knew that he had learned all he could from the bunkhouse.

Smith also applauded the actor behind Jimmy Hurdstrom, Jefferson White, for making it so easy for his character to admire his.

“He did such a great job of this transformation,” Smith stated. “He’s up standing taller, his chest stuck out, boots and spurs on. He had his hat cocked. And it was really easy for me to bring admiration for him.”

Now that Jimmy’s standing on his own two feet, he has the world at his feet, and White recognized that the Yellowstone men were allowing him to explore his options.

“They’re sort of giving him license to make his own decision,” he explained. “It’s an incredible gift to Jimmy.”

No matter where the wind takes Jimmy in his new endeavors, the ranchhand will always be able to come back to the Yellowstone ranch. After all, that brand’s not just for decoration – that’s a permanent reminder of where his home is.