‘Yellowstone’ Season Finale: Forrie J. Smith Says Rip and Beth’s Wedding Makes Lloyd ‘Feel Like a Kid Again’

by Amy Myers

When Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) tied the knot during the Yellowstone Season 4 finale, both the fans and the cast were excited. Of course, as we now know, the ceremony wasn’t anything extravagant. However, the most important elements were there – the bride and groom, the priest and the people they cared most for.

One of the Yellowstone stars in attendance of the iconic yet simplistic wedding was bunkhouse member, Lloyd. Just moments before Rip met his bride at the end of the aisle, he broke the news to Lloyd and asked him to be his best man. And although Lloyd would have liked to have thrown him a bachelor party beforehand, he happily accepted the honor.

The sweet moment between the two longtime friends and coworkers was a rare one, considering how much danger the Yellowstone characters face on a regular basis. And in this light, the actor behind Lloyd, Forrie J. Smith, knew his character had to relish the happy occasion. During a behind-the-scenes interview with Paramount, Smith explained exactly what the wedding meant to his character.

“It’s a real joyful moment for Lloyd and kind of makes Lloyd feel like a kid again, and that’s the way I played it,” the Yellowstone star explained.

“Best man,” he added with a little cheer.

Fellow ‘Yellowstone’ Stars Share Thoughts on Wedding Scene

Likewise, Yellowstone stars Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser were just as pleased with how the big scene turned out. And both agreed that the ceremony was utterly and undoubtedly Beth and Rip.

Hauser particularly enjoyed the fact that the reason the wedding happened in the first place was that Beth stormed into the room in her gold dress and kidnaps a priest.

“Even as an actor we’re sitting there and we’re trying to put all the things together and connect all the dots and you’re like, ‘This is f**king crazy,’ you know what I mean?” Hauser said of the wedding scene. “[But] it all comes together and there’s actually this beautiful moment there. I thought it was pretty touching in the end.”

Reilly, too, felt that the wedding captured the Yellowstone characters’ relationship perfectly. Even though the two didn’t plan for any reception or decorations, Rip managed to take Beth’s breath away by presenting her with his late mother’s ring. And while a ring isn’t a rarity at a wedding, Beth didn’t expect (nor want) anything more than just her husband.

“I love their wedding, and it’s just so typical Beth,” Reilly reflected. “She’s just not interested in having a wedding party or a wedding dress or any of that. All she cares about is being his wife and she knows that… I kind of find her slightly heroic in a really messed up way.”