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‘Yellowstone’ Season Finale: Luke Grimes Explains Intense Scene ‘Dealing With’ Kayce’s Past

by Courtney Blackann

In one of the most intense “Yellowstone” season finales ever, Kayce has a flashback of his most traumatizing moments. This is all a part of the vision quest he embarks on, embracing his wife’s Native culture and exploring his demons. Because Kayce has always been stuck between his loyalty as a Dutton and his responsibility to his family on the reservation, he’s really lost. But actor Luke Grimes explains why Kayce must come face to face with his past.

In an interview with Paramount Network, Grimes sits down to discuss the intense season finale.

“It’s sort of a really big deal for Kayce to have this moment with his brother…it’s not just there to spook people, you’re watching him deal with his past. The things that torture him the most, you know, obviously his brother’s death is going to be one of those things. And then obviously the Afghanistan stuff. There’s a lot of time, effort, and experience that goes into a scene like that and a credit to Taylor (Sheridan) for really loving that authenticity to putting in that time…,” The “Yellowstone actor says.

He goes on to reflect on Kayce’s experience.

“From the beginning, we’ve seen Kayce deals with some bit of PTSD. There’s a heaviness and complexity to the character…because of where he’s been and what he’s done…the more the audience is clued in to that stuff the more you realize why. He has a couple of other visions that don’t really make sense. Things kinda coming, bubbling up to the surface until he can see why he’s actually called to do the vision quest. It sort of ends a little more introspectively, a little more quiet.”

Kayce and Monica’s Uncertain Future on “Yellowstone”

And while Kayce’s visions do scare him, they also bring him some understanding of himself, his life, and his decisions. He’s a uniquely complex character who needed that moment of clarity to find himself. He tells his wife Monica at the end of the episode that he saw the “end of us.” What this means, however, remains to be seen.

After Kayce and Monica found out they were having another child, it appears Kayce’s vision of their demise could be some kind of sign that it won’t last. However, us viewers wanted more, though we didn’t get any answers. The episode ended with a sullen looking Monica sitting beside her husband.

Whatever drama may be brewing in Kayce’s family, there’s sure to be a lot more in store as talks of season five are already underway. However, Luke Grimes says that the show’s ultimate message represents the dream of the American west – which is why it’s such a hit.

“The romantic idea of the west is a part of the reason that people love this show so much,” he says. “Being able to escape, you know, and just sit in their living rooms and go to this place is one of the most important parts of our show. It’s what Yellowstone is about — sort of fighting for that romantic of what that could be. The Yellowstone Ranch is at the crux of everything in the show. The beauty of the west is at the core of everything we do.”