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Yellowstone Season Finale: Piper Perabo’s Summer Higgins Gets 15 Years in Prison

by Amanda Glover
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 04: Piper Perabo arrives at Emily's List 3rd annual pre-oscars event at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on February 04, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/WireImage)

In the Winter finale of Yellowstone, Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo) does not get the outcome she was hoping for.

In a recent Twitter post, Yellowstone’s character, Summer Higgins was just told that she will be spending the next fifteen years of her life in jail. The caption read, “Not the outcome Summer wanted.” Yeah, understandable.

Fans of the Paramount Network television series responded in the comments with all different reactions. @DukeofDouglas said, “John Dutton is just the ruler of the world eh? Pushes judges around.. . Beth will kill Jamie. Yayayayaya.” They also said something to suggest he’s not a fan of Perabo’s character. “Worst. Character. Ever.” We don’t think they like her.

Piper Perabo’s character arrives in the series in season 4. She arrives in Montana led by her environmentalist beliefs. But those beliefs get her in trouble after she falls prey to Montana politics and ends up in jail. But, how does she end up there?

After leading a protest against the Livestock Department, she attacks Kayce with a rock and gets arrested. Although John tells Sheriff Haskell to put Summer in jail as a warning, he bails her out afterward. Later on, Beth approaches Summer and directs her attention to Market Equities’. Summer attacks a federal agent under Beth’s orders. Summer is then arrested again and charges are pressed against her.

When John finds out about Beth’s role in Summer’s arrest, he decides to assist the activist. Because the judge is a friend of John’s and the Dutton patriarch, tries to give Summer leeway. But because the judge wants to make an example out of Summer, he sentences her to 15 years in jail with the possibility of parole in 14 years.

Where Else Have We Seen Piper Perabo?

The Yellowstone actress has stared in plenty of other roles, so this is definitely not her first rodeo. Pun intended.

Her breakout role was in the 2000 film, Coyote Ugly as Violet Sanford. In the movie, Perabo plays a young woman with dreams of making it big in New York City. However, her dreams of stardom go on pause when she has to work as a barmaid in a trendy bar named Coyote Ugly.

In the American family comedy film, Cheaper by the Dozen, Perabo plays the oldest child of 12, Nora Baker. The movie follows the Baker family as they move family, much to the children’s dismay, from Midland, Illinois to Evanston, Illinois. Although Nora lives on her own with her boyfriend, she still plays a role in helping the family out.

In the 2006 movie, The Prestige, Perabo plays the wife of a magician who dies in a drowning incident after an act goes south. Although her role in the film is small, the death of her character provides motivation for the remainder of the film.

Which film are you guys most interested in seeing, Outsiders?