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‘Yellowstone’ Season Finale: Wes Bentley Says Filming Garrett Randall Scene Was ‘Really Sad’

by Jon D. B.
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“Shooting the scene with Will where Jamie has to take him out… It’s complicated,” says Yellowstone‘s own Jamie Dutton, Wes Bentley, of filming with Garrett Randall’s Will Patton. Be warned of significant spoilers for the Yellowstone Season 4 finale ahead.

Sitting down for the show’s latest “Behind the Story,” Bentley delves deep into the trauma of his adopted Dutton and how it felt to embody him murdering his own father.

“It’s Jamie not wanting to do something that he’s now being forced to do by the same people who have always put him in these positions,” the actor offers of Jamie.

But at the same time, “Garret did what he did,” Bentley states firm. “He crossed his own line.

After exchanging an “I love you” and an “I love you, too, dad,” Jamie does what he must and shoots Garrett Randall in the head.

“Shooting that scene is really sad,” Bentley reveals. “But that’s most days playing Jamie Dutton. No matter where we’re coming from this is a cruel attack. She wants to really make him pay,” he says of Beth.

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“She doesn’t kill him,” Beth’s Kelly Reilly adds of Jamie. “But she delivers him to her father in a way that says ‘Now you own him. He’s yours.’ It’s almost like a cat bringing a mouse to its owner and saying ‘There you go.'”

In between, the Yellowstone Season 4 finale also shows us how deeply John Dutton (Kevin Costner) still loves his adopted son. But for Beth, that love is completely gone.

“She hates him. She hates him with every fiber of her being,” Reilly says of Beth’s deep loathing of her brother. “That’s quite a difficult space as an actor. She’s so out for blood for someone that she feels betrayed her. It’ gets so dark,” she smiles.

“Reading that, she’s got Jamie in that position, it’s frustrating!” Jamie’s Wes Bentley adds. “It’s another moment of Jamie just can’t get out from under the thumb of these people.”

“It feels tragic… Feels elevated,” Reilly continues with a glimmer in her eye. “It feels Greek and Shakespearian. It’s so brutal,” she grins. “And what Taylor [Sheridan] in his writing does is he gives us all such great reasons for why are the way we are. I feel for Jamie, you know? But at the same time, I’m looking for Beth’s perspective. Knowing who she is, I understand why she’s doing it also.”

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