‘Yellowstone’ Shares Clip of John Dutton: ‘Long in the Tooth for Old Feuds’

by Jon D. B.

“It’s no fun without old feuds.” Or so says Paramount’s Yellowstone – and who are we to argue with Wade Morrow or John Dutton?

Yellowstone is built on feuds both old and new and has become television’s top syndicated drama. The show’s official Twitter is traveling back into the past with one of the best – and most twisted – rivalries in Yellowstone’s history: that of John Dutton and his late “neighbor”, Wade Morrow.

“You’re a little long in the tooth for old feuds, Wade,” says former Livestock Commissioner John Dutton to start off the Season 3 clip.

“Without old feuds… got none at all,” Morrow responds. “Where’s the fun in that?”

Knowing what we know now after Season 3’s end, however… fun wouldn’t be the word we’d use to describe how things ended for Morrow.

“Long in the Tooth…”

The phrase “long in the tooth” is one that stretches back to the days of the true Wild West in America. Saying someone is “long in the tooth” has its origins in the 1800s, and comes from the ancestors of the cowboys that inspired Yellowstone‘s John Dutton & Wade Morrow.

The saying is derived not from human teeth, but from a horse’s. In fact, horse’s teeth continue to grow for most of their entire life. This is even used to help determine the immediate and approximate age of a horse still to this day.

In addition, the older a horse gets, the more their gums recede, making their teeth appear even longer. As such – it’s not a kind statement, either – making it a perfect backhanded observation from a cowboy like John Dutton.

Wade Morrow’s Yellowstone Legacy

Not much is known about Wade Morrow. While it’s hard to discuss his history with the Duttons without entering major Season 3 spoilers – let’s just say that some fans aren’t satisfied with S3 being the end for the Morrow lineage. Many followers hold a theory that might peg a return in flashbacks for Wade Morrow come Season 4.

So what are the fan theories according to sharp viewers? Reddit holds the most intriguing, as per usual. One Redditor, known as NewGuyBIGuy, says it all:

“Who is Wade Morrow? Jamie’s biological father. John Dutton adopted Jamie when Wade went to jail for killing his wife. Sure, there’s the name issue, but entirely possible he changed his name after getting out of prison.”

NewGuyBIGuy, Reddit

Indeed, some Yellowstone fans have Wade Morrow pegged as Jamie’s true biological father. While we’re not convinced, the theory does warrant reading – especially with so much time to kill between now and Season 4 in 2021.