‘Yellowstone’ Shares Clip Revealing Why You ‘Don’t Trespass on the Dutton Ranch’

by Atlanta Northcutt

Dutton Ranch from the #1 TV hit drama “Yellowstone” doesn’t need a “No Trespassing” sign. It should already be known, especially after viewing the show’s recent tweet.

No Trespassing: ‘Yellowstone’ Style

A group of motorcyclists has positioned themselves on the wrong property in Yellowstone while drinking beer and loafing around. However, they are trespassing on the Dutton Ranch, and that is something you don’t do.

As Lee Dutton (Steve Hendon) approaches the property, he tells the vagabonds to disperse.

“Listen. You can’t be here,” says Lee. “It’s private property.”

To which the leader of the motorcycle gang responds, “It’s a national park.”

Rest in Peace via Rip

The motorcyclists refuse to leave until Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) and Dutton ranch hand, Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) begin to drive up to the scene.

The motorcycles are destroyed as Wheeler crashes into them. With the motorcycles crushed, he and Lloyd hop out of the truck, ready for a fight.

The Dutton Ranch troops rally against the leather-clad motorcycle gang, and it doesn’t end well for the bikers.

Dutton Ranch doesn’t play games, and they begin beating the gang down.

“I’ll give you one last chance,” says Rip. “You leave now or you never leave. I’ll bury you right where you f***ing stand.”

Fan Reactions

The Season 3 scene is a fan favorite, and they couldn’t agree more.

One comment reads, “One of the best scenes of the show. Rip and Lloyd killin it!”

While others include:

“I love this scene, especially Lloyd. That man has got some moves.”

“I absolutely loved this scene–one of my favs!”

“That was awesome #Rip rules was even better when they came back that night and #JD straightened them out.”

“One of my favorite scenes in all 3 seasons including when they come back to get their bikes.”

The lesson learned in this post: “Don’t Trespass on the Dutton Ranch”.