‘Yellowstone’ Shares Old-Timey Film Reel of Rip Wheeler Doing Rip Wheeler Things

by Shelby Scott
"Touching Your Enemy" Paramount Network

Yellowstone” fans are anxiously awaiting the debut of the hit series’ fifth season. And since showrunners haven’t shared an official release date, the show’s social media team is doing what they can to keep audiences excited and engaged. That said, some of our favorite scenes feature Rip Wheeler simply being peak Rip, and fortunately for us, we get all of the best of the character in this old-timey film reel. Check it out.

As a long-time friend to the Dutton family, Rip Wheeler has surely learned to reign in his temper and frustration for the sake of avoiding adding fuel to the ever-growing fire. However, on occasion, even our coolest “Yellowstone” cowboy loses his chill and we find him partaking in rather uncharacteristic activities.

Take the opening scene in the above clip. While Rip Wheeler has surely changed a tire or two before, this one seemed to have gotten the better of him. So, when things don’t go right, and you can’t turn left, Rip Wheeler will always be the first to face a problem head-on. Violently. And repeatedly.

The “Yellowstone” film reel captures other iconic Rip Wheeler moments from earlier in the series.

Down in the comments section, “Yellowstone” fans shared their take on the humorous edit.

“Lol! The edit[,] I just LOVE Rip!!” wrote one of the series’ fans. Another shared, “So good…love the black/white silent movie effect.”

We can’t wait to see what other kinds of trouble Rip gets into whenever “Yellowstone” makes its season five debut.

Explore Rip and Lloyd’s Longtime Friendship

“Yellowstone” fans love Rip Wheeler, but in the context of the show, he’s only who he’s grown to be due to his longtime friendship with Lloyd.

From the get-go, fans see that Lloyd and Rip share a special bond. However, it’s not until the middle of season two that we learn how the cowboys initially became friends.

In the episode “Touching Your Enemy,” fans see a Rip Wheeler flashback, highlighting his earliest experiences at the Yellowstone Ranch.

We learn Rip came to the ranch after killing his father for murdering both his mom and his younger brother. As he begins work on the ranch, an older hand starts picking on Rip, calling him an orphan and obviously trying to upset him.

In a quick move, Rip starts beating on the man, but before things get very far, Lloyd holds a gun to the elder man’s head. He says, “You had it coming. Touch that boy again, I’ll gut you in your fucking sleep.” Rip then goes to the barn.

The rest of their friendship is easier to follow. As we know, the two share the same brand. It’s served to bond them as family, not just friends.

Things later become strained, when Rip and Lloyd find Walker (who took a trip to the train station) alive and singing at a bar. Tension rises between Walker and Lloyd, eventually causing a tear in his friendship with Rip.

Episodes pass before we see the cowboys repair their relationship. Season four ends with Lloyd as Rip’s best man, commenting on the younger man’s strange ceremony, “Damn, that was beautiful.”

Leave it to Lloyd to find beauty in the strangest of moments.