‘Yellowstone’ Shares Rare John Dutton Smile Moment From Memorable Rodeo Scene

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

The ever handsome Kevin Costner plays a stern John Dutton in “Yellowstone.” In a throwback picture of the rodeo scene from season three, episode three, he is sitting next to his son Kayce.

In the show, Dutton rarely smiles, but in this picture, he showcases his awesome smile. While in character, Dutton is decked out in a Yellowstone brand vest and his patented cowboy hat.

The “Yellowstone” TV show’s Instagram page posts a picture of Costner, dressed as Dutton, smiling ear to ear.

“That smile tho. #YellowstoneTV.” Sitting next to Kayce, Dutton is enthralled with the rodeo and is certainly enjoying the show.

Will John Dutton Be Back in Season 4?

Forewarning, if you haven’t watched all of season 3, proceed carefully.

The last time we see Dutton, he was still alive. However, he was left stranded on his own after being shot a couple of times with no way to call for help because his phone was ruined. Ironically, it was his cell phone that may have saved his life. The audience is left in shock and doesn’t even know who shot Dutton.

All that said though would “Yellowstone” really exist without Costner? It seems doubtful that the show can carry on without him at the helm of the Yellowstone Ranch. Costner is the executive producer of the show and plays the main character, who is also being the backbone of the show. Without Kevin Costner, the show would certainly be different.

It is expected that Dutton will be back on the horse for this new season. And more importantly, he will be on the hunt for revenge.

Although, some people are concerned that Luke Grimes and Kelly Reilly are leaving the show. It sounds like the rest of the crew was on set to finish filming the fourth season.

Costner says that filming during a pandemic was an interesting challenge. Costner also says that it hasn’t been an easy adjustment, but he is locked into the show. Additionally, he adds that “Yellowstone” has “gold dust on it.”