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‘Yellowstone’: Should Jimmy & Emily Have Stayed at the Dutton Ranch?

by Leanne Stahulak

At the end of “Yellowstone” Season 4, fans watched Jimmy Hurdstrom and his fiancée Emily drive back to the Four-Sixes Ranch in Texas together. But some fans are wondering: Should they have left the Dutton Ranch at all?

At first, some of us were sad to see Jimmy get shipped off to Texas. Ultimately, it turned out well for him, as he grew up a bit and learned how to be a better cowboy. He also learned what a healthy relationship could look like with someone.

Jimmy grew up so much, in fact, that he returned to the Yellowstone to keep his word with John Dutton, even after Emily asked him to stay. This only proved to John how much Jimmy had changed for the better, and it caused John to tell Jimmy to go where he needed to go.

But one “Yellowstone” fan had a different thought on Jimmy’s decision to return to Texas with Emily. They took to Reddit with a post titled, “Jimmy, if you’re out there Yellowstone needs you!”

“I thought Jimmy and his fiancée, Emily, should have stayed at Yellowstone. After all the Duttons did for him, it was sort of a shame he didn’t spend some time paying them back,” the original poster wrote. “At the very least he and Emily needed to head up the show horse fertilization program like the Four Sixes trained him to jack-off stallions.”

How could “Yellowstone” fans forget Jimmy’s memorable introduction to Emily? Here’s what fellow fans think about Jimmy and Emily staying on the Dutton Ranch.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weigh in on Jimmy Potentially Staying at Dutton Ranch

“Yellowstone” fans were fairly divided on whether they would’ve liked to see Jimmy and Emily stay. On the one hand, we can basically expect to see Jimmy again anyway on the new “6666” show Taylor Sheridan’s creating. And for some fans, they’d prefer it that way.

“Personally, I’m glad to see Jimmy go back to Texas. I’m not a Jimmy fan, never was and never will be. Chances are I won’t be watching the new 6666 ranch show. So far, nothing about it appeals to me,” one person said in the comments.

But others chimed in to say that they thought Jimmy and Emily starting a horse breeding program there would be a great idea. “Jimmy, the studs need you too!!! Put some elbow grease in it!” someone else said on the post.

But there are a few things to consider when thinking about Jimmy and Emily’s position. For one thing, the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is struggling to make money right now. Jimmy and Emily can possibly get paid more for their work down in Texas.

Jimmy also likely has some conflicted memories about the ranch. while he’s clearly close with the bunkhouse boys, he’d also be in close proximity to Mia. And he would have to fulfill John Dutton’s dirty work whenever the man called for the bunkhouse boys.

Texas could really represent a fresh start for the newly engaged couple. And whether we see them again on “Yellowstone” or “6666” or not at all, we can’t help but wish the best for them.